Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a MERRY MERRY Christmas it was!!! It was very busy...but great to see all our family and friends to celebrate! We celebrated a few times...here are some shots from all our Christmas gatherings...

Christmas at home...just the 4 of us!!!

Then we went to Southern Illinois to visit mommy's side of the family...here I am with my cousin Clara...she's so cute :)
Grandma and Grandpa Carter
Great Grandpa
Mommy and Daddy
The Cousins
Then we went to Polo to visit my daddy's side of the family... Here I am with my Grandma Jefford
Grandpa Jefford
Great Grandma
Aunt Reena and Brian
Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas as well! Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Musical Santa, Naptime and Diaper Doozies

My Daddy has this musical Santa that his grandpa passed down to him. I think it is so cool that he plays all my favorite Christmas songs for me.
One day while I was taking a nap, I decided to put my hat over my face repeatedly....every time mommy would move it...I would get it back over my face. I just needed it a little darker to take my morning snooze.
My mommy has been trying to convince daddy that we should start using cloth diapers...I guess she is trying to save the Earth or something...but daddy has other ideas. He thought it was funny to turn the diapers into hats...what a goof!

2 Months!

Our little guy turned 2 months Monday! Boy...how the time flies!! He is now 11lbs. 14 oz. and 23 1/4 inches long. So he gained a little over 2 pounds in the last month and grew over an inch! He is doing great and is healthy! Brayden develops more and more personality each day...and it is just amazing! He smiles more than ever and is cooing like crazy! We even have little cooing conversations :) He has found his hands and is constantly putting them in his mouth...well when when he is not blowing spit bubbles. He is just a happy baby! Here he is at the doctor's waiting to get his shots :( He was a good sport about it though!
After our Doctor's appointment we went to a pizza place to see some of my fellow teacher friends. We had a little 2 month pizza party for Brayden. He was very smiley and enjoyed meeting all the ladies...and all the attention :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Bears -

So I had a dream last night that we made the Super Bowl. However I woke up this morning, and Daddy had to inform me that we didn't have a chance this year. So I have realized that this season over, but there is always next year.... right? I have learned a lot though this first season of football watching.... I have learned a lot about failure, cheering, and napping during the bad games. I really do enjoy watching the games on TV though - the players running around keeps my attention for a few minutes.... I think I will like watching it more next year. I am also trying to pick up some of the rules, but to be honest I don't really know hardly any of the rules besides TOUCHDOWN..... which for some reason - why don't you guys like to get them? Daddy said they are a good thing..... but you guys never score them???? Whats up with that? I am trying hard to pick up on the other rules of the game as well..... my parents tell me its okay though - because some of the players are still trying to learn them also.

On a side note, I have been thinking.... whats up with our coaches? Lovie keeps saying that our team is okay....etc. I think since we are losing the majority of our games, and then just sneaking past the very bad teams like the RAMS. I don't think we are okay.... So if there is anyway before next year that we could get a coach in that shows some excitement and emotion that would be fantastic!!!

So please take my letter in to consideration and make my second season of football much more enjoyable to watch!!! Oh, and just so you know Mommy and Grandpa Jefford - keep trying to push me to be a Tony Romo fan..... I am not going to go that route yet - but if you don't make some changes in the off season..... I may have to consider it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

So it's official...Chicago winter is here!! It is so cold outside, that we are either stuck inside (on the REALLY cold days) or Brayden has to be bundled up in one of his snow suits, just to leave the house. When I put this one on him (which took at least 5 minutes)...he just stared at me...just as he is in the photo...and gave me the look, "Like you have got to be kidding me..I cannot move in this thing". It was priceless!
So...what do we do while we are inside all day long you may ask...well here is a look into what we do:
We play...Brayden is cooing and smiling more than ever these days!!
Brayden is getting better and better at tummy time...although he is much more of a fan of tummy time on the boppy pillow rather than the ground, but his neck is getting really strong!
We have friends come to visit. Here is Brayden with Kelly...she played with Brayden while I was making Christmas cookies! What a huge help!!!
And when we get bored...we do photo shoots! I tried to take a picture of Bruiser and Brayden in Santa Hats for our Christmas cards. Aaron walked in while I was in the process and I think he thought I was crazy. After all of our efforts, this was as close as Bruiser and Brayden would get to each other while wearing their santa hats. However of course when I don't need them to be close to eachother...they are!

Here is one of just Brayden in his Santa hat. He was a much easier subject to work with than Bruiser...so this year Brayden will be taking center stage on the Christmas card

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy St. Nick!!!

What a wonderful 1st St. Nick day I had!!! I received cards in the mail, goodies from my grandparents and St. Nick even stopped at my house and left an ornament and book for me!!
To celebrate, I went with my parents and some of our friends (and my friends) to the Christmas on Roscoe festival. I enjoyed the walk...so much so that I took a little snooze. I visited mommy's pilates studio, made hot chocolate mix and went to some shops.
I even met Rudolph!!
Then when I got home, I hung my new ornaments on the tree and read my new Snowman book!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa's Visit

I went to visit Santa for the first time while I was in Belleville. I got dressed in some Christmas attire.
I was a little hesitant at first, but thank goodness Santa and his elf were patient and I did finally stop crying long enough to tell Santa what I want for Christmas and to get mommy and daddy at cute 1st picture with Santa! Hey you can't blame me for crying--mommy just places me on some strange, hairy guy's lap--it's scary for a little guy like me!!

Thanksgiving Trip

I had my first trip to southern Illinois this past weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. I slept the whole way---5 hours!!! When I arrived my great-grandpa was so excited to get his hands on me!!! Here he is feeding me in the wee morning hours.
In the morning, my grandma and grandpa came over to visit...mommy and daddy wanted to take a nap after the long trip, but they were just too excited to see everyone too. As you can see, my dog, Bruiser, was jealous of all the attention that I was getting so he had to hop up and get in the picture.
We headed over to my Aunt Jenni and Uncle Joe's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It sure was great to see everyone and I cannot wait to eat the yummy food next year since this year I was just hitting the bottle!
Here I am with my Aunt Colleen, she likes me, but gets really nervous when I start crying!
After Thanksgiving dinner, I snuggled up with my daddy and we both took a little snooze.
Later that evening, my great-grandpa read me a book....
I really liked it!!!

Here is a 4 generation picture...my mommy, grandma, me and great-grandpa