Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Stretch....

And they say that black is slimming....I don't know if I buy that!!!!!
We will be 39 weeks tomorrow! It is amazing how fast time has gone by...but now it seems to be going slower than ever!!! We had a doctor's appt. on Wed...and she said there was no sign that the baby would be making his/her way into the world anytime soon...however, doctors aren't always right (right???) and our baby may just surprise us!!! However, I am enjoying my last week(s) getting pampered!!! Everyone says to do it I am taking the advice and going with it!!!! I am in full nesting mode---our house is extremely clean! (Aaron is really enjoying the extra cleaning...his comment was...didn't we just clean?!?!?!) This weekend, I got a surge of we went on another weekend trip--we headed to Woodstock and went to an apple orchard, farmers market, and just took in the sites of the cute little town! We did lots of walking (I hear that helps!!!). I am really enjoying all of our weekend trips---we have seen more of Illinois this year than I thought I ever would!!!!
We will keep everyone posted on our little one's arrival...It is so funny, anytime we call our friends or family...they say "Oh...I thought you were calling us to tell us the news" me we will be thrilled to make those calls!!!

Here's a pic from our trip to Lake Geneva...we went there a while a go for a day trip!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Almost 38!

Almost 38 Weeks!!!! The baby weighs about 6½-7 pounds and is around 19 or 20 inches long. He or she is still extremely active...I still feel lots of kicks and punches! And we can still see the little butt moving from side to side. I am still going to the doctor weekly...and so far...there is no sign that this baby is ready to enter the world any time soon! We are getting more anxious, nervous and excited as each day passes...and the hospital bags are we are ready when the little one is!!!! We are due in 2 weeks...but as a good friend of mine stated (who just had a little one)...Baby Jefford will be evicted in 3 weeks, ready or not!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

35 weeks...

Tuesday we went for our last ultrasound. We were nervous that the nurse might slip up and tell us the both Aaron and I reminded her, we want to be surprised! And she was careful to not let it out! Baby Jefford is looking great...and is in the correct position (head down). The estimated weight right now is 5lbs 6oz (however the ultrasound weight can be up to a pound the baby could weigh a pound more or less). The baby measures around 20 inches. The heart rate has slowed down a is at 128 beats/minute. They say it's normal as the baby grows, that the heart rate slows down...before the baby's heart rate was always around 135-140. During, the ultrasound the baby had his/her hands covering his/her face for most of the time...I have a feeling the little one is going to like Peek-A-Boo! Everything seems to be going great with both mom and the little one! Every so often, I get some hard kicks...I wonder if he/she is going to be a soccer player?!?!?! The baby is still moving is crazy, sometimes when we are hanging out...the baby will cause my whole abdomen to move! We can even feel the little butt move from one side to the other :) We have a mover and shaker!!! We are getting anxious...only about a month to go!
Here are the 2 "take-me home" outfits that we picked up last weekend...I wonder which will it be--pink or blue???? Baby clothes are just so adorable!!!