Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Where has the time gone...our little man is 2 weeks old today! He is growing like a champ. We go to the doctor's on Friday and I am anxious to see how much he weighs now. He is eating about 3oz at each feeding...although, we still have to wake him to eat. We are going to ask the doctor about this on Friday--I'm not sure if we should be waking him or letting him wake up on his own--but I don't want the kid to starve! But after he eats he is alert for quite a while and then passes back out! I tell you he is like a college boy---drinks from the bottle, burps, and naps! We went to our first mom's group meeting on Tuesday and we had a great time.

Brayden really enjoys his play does Bruiser!
Aaron is also settling into fatherhood you can see he is quite the multi-tasker

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Parade

Sunday there was a big Roscoe Village Halloween parade. I was so excited to go! So first mommy bundled me up in a Halloween outfit.
Then mommy and daddy put me in my costume. I really loved it. I was so bundled and warm...however I was probably more bundled than needed, since it was actually a beautiful day for a parade!
I slept through most of the parade...thats what stroller rides do to me!

Trying to sleep

Last night, we were all tired and ready to go to bed. After we finally got Brayden down and finally got ourselves ready for bed...we headed in ready to get some zzz's. However, no more than 5 minutes after laying down, we hear snoring! In between Brayden's little snores and noises, Bruiser is snoring so LOUD that Aaron and I just look at each other and start cracking up. This of course wakes him up (thank goodness not Brayden) and so he runs and gets a toy---of course the loudest squeaky toy that he could find---we let him chop on it for a few moments and then we take that away--problem solved? Oh No! He goes and finds another squeaky toy...we of course take that away too...and at this point he is now we try moving his bed to the hallway, hoping that he will just zonk out there...well no luck, he begins doing CRAZY circles around our bed, this point Aaron and I just look at each other and say since we did we sign up to be in a comedy????

Friday, October 23, 2009

Over a week old!!!

Our little Brayden is already over a week old! It is hard to believe how fast time goes by! He has been enjoying his vibrating chair quite a bit...especially while mommy and daddy are cooking or eating. He also is LOVING his sponge baths! The first one was rough, but since then I swear he is smiling while we give them to him! Mommy and Brayden have already taken their first car trip together---what a trip it was just to get out of the house! We have taken a few walks...enjoying the last bit of the warm weather...before the cold hits!!

This is what happens when mommy does not have time to do laundry as often as needed...a little mismatched!
Our first walk...
Passed out...Daddy had me watch some sports...guess I found it boring!!
Very relaxed after my bath

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very Busy

Brayden has been super busy visiting with family and trying out new things

Napping in his big boy crib...he really liked him mobile, it put him right to sleep
Cuddling with Grandma and Grandpa Jefford
Snuggling with mommy and Grandma Ann
Trying out his vibrating seat

His first bath...he peed instantly when we started bathing him...but by the end he was happy and squeaky clean

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hospital pictures

Here is the link for the pictures that were taken at the Hospital:
The password is 1014braydenjefford

These were taken on Thursday he was barely a day old!

More photos to come later :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Made it Home

We are all home now and settling in well. Brayden is eating and sleeping great! We had our first trip to the pediatrician today, and he said that he looks great and all is going well. He grew a bit in length (according to their measurements) however he lost a tiny bit of weight...about 2 ounces...but that is normal. Brayden loves putting his hands in his mouth and makes little snorting noises at times--its too funny!!! He has been more awake today, and has a strong grip when he holds onto our fingers. We are enjoying snuggling with him and just soaking in all his sweetness! Here are a few new pics...
Oh yes...and I forgot to mention---I had my first golden shower today---Thanks Brayden---its amazing how far pee can spray!!!!

Brayden's going home the hat looks totally was way to big!!!! But he still looks handsome
Ready to leave the hospital...geared up for the first car ride
After he ate...this is daddy's favorite bib
Getting measured at the doctor's office

These are some family pics from before we left the hospital...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Boy!!!!!

We welcomed Brayden James into the world on Oct 14th at 4:13 pm. He weighs 7lbs1oz and is 20 inches long. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. Everyone keeps saying how much he looks like his daddy---and I agree! He is just adorable! His hands and feet are huge...the doctor this morning said it looks like he will be a runner...and of course Aaron was excited about that! Although, Brayden did not want to leave the comfort of his mommy's belly, once we got things rolling yesterday he progressed REALLY quickly! The doctors actually told me I pushed him out in record time---13 minutes! Our doctor was on her way...along with the rest of the medical staff...but they arrived after he had already made his way out---lets just say they were all shocked with how quickly that part went! Brayden is doing great...he is sleeping a lot and eating pretty well...and well I won the "award" this morning...I got the first DIRTY diaper! I am also doing great---feeling well. And, Aaron is doing well too! I cannot begin to explain how overjoyed we are....parenthood really is such an amazing thing....for 41 weeks Brayden was growing inside of me...and we were constantly wondering what he would look like and how he would act....and now we get to hold him in our arms and just take it all in. I cannot even explain in words how amazing the whole experience is. We would like to thank everyone for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers and we will continue to keep everyone posted with Brayden updates! Here are a few pics from last night...

Getting ready for the induction...
Here is he is....

The proud parents...
Getting warmed up and checked out...he has great, strong lungs
The Grandparents...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Overdue--40 weeks plus!!!

Last night we went to Que Rico...where it all started! For those of you who are not familiar with the story of how we found out that we were involves this restaurant, which is one of our favorites. Here is a quick version of the story: We were going to Que Rico to celebrate our friends, Erin and Mike's engagement....and of course with great Mexican always comes LOTS of margaritas! But for some reason, I had a feeling that I should not partake in drinking tequila...I guess it was a motherly instinct. But due to carpooling and time restraints, I couldn't stop and get a pregnancy test, and by the time Aaron got home with one...I was out the door to go to Pilates. So, I threw the test in my purse, and told him that I would take it at the restaurant when we got there... So after my class, I met Aaron there and we headed in. Of course Erin and Mike already had the margaritas lined as planned I went to the bathroom of Que Rico...took the test...and it was POSITIVE!!! I was shocked and excited---and couldn't believe that I had just took a pregnancy test in a public restroom of all places---and found out that we were having a baby!!! I walked out of the bathroom gleaming (of course the test was in my purse too--I know gross--I had just peed on it)...and shaking my head YES--but only Aaron could see! So, we kept quiet all through dinner (occasionally I did pretend to dig in my purse looking for chapstick to check the test a few more times, to be sure that I read it correctly) and Aaron definitely drank my share of margaritas through dinner!!!! Then after dinner, we came home took another---of course it was positive too---and we were thrilled!!!
We went to the doctor's today, and there is some progress being made...but if I do not go into labor myself, they will admit me Tuesday night and begin the inducing process. So while we are waiting here is what the men are doing....
And well for me...I am still in full nesting mode...I cleaned every last corner this morning, baked cookies, and am making lists... We are going to enjoy our last weekend but couldn't be more excited!!!! We will keep everyone posted!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aaron's post...

Aaron has been taking MAC classes to learn how to do new things on the computer...and one thing he learned was how to make a slideshow. So while I was passed out on the couch (since I wake up at 4 am now due to insomnia) he made this slideshow...and wanted to post it to share with everyone! So enjoy! Tomorrow is our due date...however we have little I am hoping by next weekend the post will be we have a baby...not that we are still in waiting!