Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finally on video.....

Our little guy has been rolling over like crazy---still just from his belly to back---but he has got it mastered!!! He rolls over so quick though, its been hard to get it on video...but finally I did! This little man sure knows how to get out of tummy time! Now...we will start working on belly to back!

Eating Rice Cereal!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eating time!!!!

Now that Brayden is just a little over 4 months...we decided to try rice cereal! It was as fun and messy as we had heard....but the FUN far out weighed the mess we had when we were done. Brayden was all smiles before trying the cereal...and his facial expressions were priceless while eating it. He was not sure about the whole spoon thing and the texture was weird too! But we are doing rice cereal now with his dinner time bottle...and with each night, he seems to do better! At the end of the "meal" I let him play with the spoon...and yes...he has flung the cereal everywhere!!!! Usually a bath is needed after :)

Much Much Better

After a very long 2 weeks of feeling icky and awful...our little boy is MUCH better!!!!!
He is enjoying his jumperoo...although his feet barely touch the we have to put a pillow or blanket under can see that Bruiser also really enjoys this contraption!
We even went to the Auto Show...Brayden had to take a break and eat...and then pointed out some cars that he is interested in...the boy has expensive taste!
Smiles are back!! Brayden has also been rolling over like crazy---still just from his tummy to back (to get out of tummy time) and yesterday he giggled!!!! It was seriously so cute--I got teary-eyed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baptism Weekend

Over Valentine's Day weekend Brayden was baptized. Even though he was feeling awful, the day was very special and wonderful. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that could be there with us to share in his special day. Brayden was baptized in Belleville at my family's church, St. Teresa's. Afterwards we all headed to Great-Grandpa's house for a wonderful luncheon and celebration. Here are a few photos from the celebration.
Father Nick, Godparents Jason (Aaron's cousin) and Colleen (Lori's sister)

The Grandparents, Godparents, and Us
Our little Valentine

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mr. Sicky

It's been a while since we have posted so I thought I would fill everyone in on what is happening with our little Mr. Sicky! We are making it through Brayden's first cold...and boy oh is exhausting for all of us. So, it started out last Monday...he got the runny nose...and had a slight temperature....however he was still sleeping well. Well on Thursday night, he was covered head to toe with a rash and his eye was sealed shut with goop---yuck! So of course, being a worry-some mom, I took him to the doctor right away Friday morning. The doctor assured me it was just a virus...thats what was causing the congestion, runny nose and rash...and then he proceeded to tell me that Brayden had pink eye---UGHHH! But other than he sent us on our way with some eye drops and since his tummy had been off we switched him to soy formula. to southern Illinois we went for his Baptism weekend thinking---a little cold he will be better fast. Well on Saturday night, all hell broke loose. The poor kid was so stopped up from the soy---he screamed for 12 hours straight---and I am not exaggerating! Aaron was so taken by all the crying he wanted to rush him to the ER! But, Sunday morning (even though that night there was no sleep for all 3 of us) we still had him baptized. Well, God must have been looking down and helping Brayden out during the christening, because he did not make one peep the whole time. And on our way home, he slept the whole way---at this point Aaron and I are thinking we have made it through the rough patch-----BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE!!!!
Once home, the poor boy spiked a temperature and was off to the doctor we went again on find out he still has the cold/virus...he NEVER had pink eye--thus why the eye drops were not doing a thing...all the goo was just snot shooting out from his eye (not to mention everywhere else) and now he has the dreaded ear infection!!! So, to sum it all up...Aaron and I have both been taking turns holding the poor little guy to help him sleep---because with all his congestion, coughing, and gas he screams if we put him down. So, we now sleep on the couch in intervals either holding Brayden or propping him up on a pillow. He has cried so much, that now when he tries to cry, it sounds like a weak moan. He is still dripping snot everywhere---gross I know. But yet, the doctor assured me that we were through the worst....but I am not sure if I believe that yet.
Why do kids colds last for 10-14 days....and why in the world do they tell you to use those bulb-thingies to suck all the snot out---they do not work!!!! Every day and night (actually every waking second) I just pray that this cold goes away so I can have me happy, healthy baby back!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Plane Trip to CALI!!

This past weekend, I packed up my bags and headed out West! I went to visit my family in Alamo, CA. It was so fun to see my Aunt Natalie, Uncle Dave, and cousins, Gracyn and Michael. Unfortunately Michael and Gracyn were a little sick....but we still had soooo much fun!!! Here are a few photos from our trip.

Helping pack the suitcase...
Our first airplane was pretty I got to ride in my own seat on the way there... I really love riding on airplanes!
My cousin, Gracyn, and I. She is so pretty!!!
Michael, Gracyn and I....all best buds!
While I was there, I made my Christmas gift from the Ards. I made a footprint and handprint plaque....I cannot wait to get it back!

Also, while I was there Gracyn got her first haircut! She did so well!
Then later that night her and my Aunt Natalie decided to do their hair all up!!! Funny huh!
My mom and dad took a day trip to Muir Woods...they said it was so beautiful. I did not go since it was a rainy day so instead I enjoyed a day with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins....
I already told my parents I am ready to get out of this cold weather and go back...SOON!!