Monday, March 22, 2010

4 Month Photos...

2 weekends ago, we had a photographer come out and take 4 month photos of Brayden and the rest of the family. You can see them at:
Go to proofing....our password is jefford0310 and then my email is

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a week and weekend...

I had such a great and busy week and weekend. This week the weather was beautiful in Chicago---so its a good thing that we invested in a double stroller! Nora and I got to go on walks almost all week!!! I just love being outside.
While we were inside, I still continued to be a little flirt with Nora...and such a poser for the camera!
This week I tried another new food---sweet potatoes!!! Boy are they yummy...and still so orange when they come out the other end---ewww!
On friday night, I go together with my other girlfriend, Ruth, and my buddies Andrew and Anna. It was so great to see all my friends from mom's group. Everyone is getting so big!!!
As you can see...I had so much fun, that I was passed out by the time I got home!
Then on Saturday, mommy and daddy took me to the biggest bathtub ever...the pool at the YMCA! I just loved it! The only complaint was that the water was a tad bit to cold for me...they need to kick up the heat!

Today, Sunday, I went to see the Easter Bunny at Woodfield Mall. I just LOVED him!!! I sat on his lap...but they would not let mommy take a picture of me on our we cannot post one :( But we have one framed at my house! Then we went to lunch with the Matt, Kim, Lindsey and was so great to see them.
After lunch and a quick trip to the baby store...we headed home. Since it was sunny out, I needed to sport my new shades---how cool!

I had such a wonderful week and weekend! I am looking so forward to this week though, because my mommy will be home all week with me....yeah Spring Break. And Thursday I am headed to Southern Illinois to visit!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Buddies

Tomorrow will make it 2 weeks that I have been back at work. It has been so hard to be away from our little man...however, I know that he is in great hands and having a ball. Our nanny, Billie, took these photos of Brayden and his girlfriend, Nora. They are having so much fun together...which makes me feel better about the working situation. I cannot describe the anticipation for the bell to ring at the end of the day...I fly out of work (almost with the kids and buses) and get home as quick as possible. And everyday, when I walk in the door Brayden is waiting with a huge smile, which just melts my heart. I am looking so forward to spring break this coming week...and then it will be back to work...however not for long as I am already counting down the days to summer.

So handsome
Jumpin and smilin
Remote Struggle
Brayden already has ladies in his crib....
Looking out the window...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! As you can see I celebrated all weekend and early this I am ready to PARTY tomorrow with my buddy Nora and Billie!! I also wanted to let everyone know...that I think it may have been the luck of the Irish that helped me finds my toes too---its official I just love them! What a great toy that I can never lose or drop :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More hats and peas please...

Since Spring is just around the corner I had to go hat shopping. I found these 2 and liked them both...and so did I got both! Now I am ready for golf and sunny days!

Also in celebration of my five month birthday, which is today, I got to try peas this first solid...besides for cereal. And I loved peas!!!!! I even showed my parents that I know what to do with a if they would just let me feed myself!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just for Fun

Here are just a few shots of Brayden...

Reading to himself...
Hi Bruiser...
All smiles...
Mommy and Daddy went to Barn Dance....and as you can see below, our little guy really wanted to go with...
Take me, take me....I'm a little cowboy!!!
And this is now how Brayden likes to eat his bottle...doing side-bends and back-bends, guess he is burning calories and eating at the same time---way to multi-task...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lions, Tigers, Bears and Brayden....

On Friday (my official last day of maternity leave) Brayden and I wanted to do something special so we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was Brayden's first trip to the zoo. We had such a fun time...he really LOVED the monkey house. His little head zoomed back and forth as he watched the monkeys move around. Here are a few pics from our adventure---the top photo was in the monkey can tell how much he was loving it!!!
Getting ready to head in with Sophie in hand (his giraffe...that we cannot leave home without)
Watching the fish...he loved them!
And when the trip was over...I had a sleeping little bear, Sophie the giraffe and a new monkey...
We can't wait to visit again soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010

4 1/2 months...

Brayden's 4 month well check up...turned into a sick appointment...however now he is all better and just as smiley and happy as can be. So here is what is going on with our little man at 4 1/2 months....These stats are from Feb 16 (the nurse did not weigh him when we went for his shots Monday)...He weighed in at 16.6 pounds (I am pretty sure he is a lot closer if not 17 pounds now) and he is 26 1/2 inches long (however when Aaron and I measured him we got a good 27 1/2 inches)...but using the nurses' measurements he is 90% for weight and 75% for height. And there is no signs of him slowing any time soon! Now he is eating both rice cereal and oatmeal...and next up will be barley! Yum!
At four months Brayden is a busy, busy boy. He is rolling over from stomach to back. He loves looking outside...he is so inquisitive about everything. When we go out...he does not want to sit in his car seat unless he can see out...but even more so he prefers to sit on my lap and look at all that is going on.
Brayden is such a flirt! He loves smiling at the ladies! Not only does he smile with his mouth...his smile radiates through his eyes too! He is just such a happy guy! He also enjoys smiling at himself in the mirror.

He also loves to babble...what a talker! I did read in a magazine that kids imitate their parents in how much they talk and the volume level that they talk in....I am thinking that this must be true...because our little guy talks non-stop and is LOUD....hmmmmm...I wonder who he gets that from!
Diaper changes are becoming more and more know that little hose has got to stay covered or else we have a wet mess everywhere...but now Brayden has figured out how to grab the diaper and put it over his face and I have become much faster at diapering!

Brayden still likes looking at his mobile and loves, loves when we sing him songs! Some of his favorites are Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Where is Thumbkin...his eyes light up and he giggles when we sing them to him. He still enjoys his play mat and is still squeezing his chunky thighs into his bumbo. He and Bruiser are becoming best friends.
Brayden loves petting his doggie and looking at him.
Brayden is still swaddled and we still give him his pacifier when he sleeps...I know that I need to wean him off the swaddle....but he is out like a light in I just need to build up strength and get prepared for some sleepless nights when we start this process. We have started leaving one arm out...sometimes it works and other times, well we have to put that arm right back in!
Brayden is not sitting up alone yet...however I cannot wait until he figures this out...because he much prefers sitting up to laying down! He has mastered the art of blowing spit bubbles...and making that humming noise when he puts his lips together and blows. He is drooling non-stop...but still no teeth in sight.
I can hardly believe that over 4 months have already gone by and by the end of next weekend he will be 5 months. When he was first all parents with a newborn was hard....don't get my wrong....wonderful and rewarding but hard. But now...I cannot even imagine my life without out him. It is crazy...people always tell you that you will not be able to imagine how much love you will have for your own child....but it is so true.....I love him more and more every day and look forward to watching him grow and change with each passing day.