Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beached whale?!?!

So on Friday we went for Brayden's 6 month checkup. He was just about 6 1/2 months at this will see why I am aging him in just a moment. So the nurses weighed him and measured him...after both commented on what a big boy he was (an of course how cute he is). He weighed in a 20 pounds and is 28 inches (later the Doctor and I both agreed that he must have been mis-measured because he is longer than that). None the less, he is still 90+% for both height and weight. The doctor, Brayden and I all discussed food and what Brayden should be eating at this point. The doctor said it was time to beginning adding meat and yogurt (as well as some other processed dairy). The whole time, Brayden is chatting up at storm, grabbing for his medical chart--just being his happy, cheerful self. Then the doctor and I begin talking about developmental milestones....I really only have one of course I feel Brayden is so advanced---of course this is the teacher and proud mommy in me....but he can sit and he's babbling, etc....however what he is not doing is rolling over...well not from his back to tummy. The doctor responds with, "Don't take offense to this...but I have 2 words for you...BEACHED WHALE!" Apparently BIG boys do not roll as easy because its harder for them to move their weight and defy gravity....I understand my son is big....but he is no whale! Anyways, he is enjoying life and eating...of course...and he is just the happiest guy ever---beached or not.
Here are a few photos from this week...
Can you guess who dressed me???
Meeting Elmo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our sweet little boy turned 6 months on Wednesday! It is just crazy how fast time goes! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and trying to figure out what to do with him and how to survive with little to no sleep and another person in our house--who was so tiny! But now we cannot imagine our life without him.
At 6 months Brayden is still growing like a weed! We are scheduled to go for his 6 month appointment next I will let everyone know weight and length then...but my guess is over 28 inches long and 20 pounds....YES...he is a big boy...but well proportioned! And we have already upgraded from the infant carseat!
Here is what Brayden is up to at a 1/2 year:
He still loves to eat---so far we have tried peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas, prunes, peaches and avacodos---this is the only food he has not been crazy about...but I figure we will just keep trying it and maybe it will grow on him...and if not...thats ok too!
He is eating 2 meals a day....but today we are trying 3! The doctor told me at 5 1/2 months he could go to 3 meals...but I wasn't ready yet!
He LOVES to longer does he like to be on his belly or back now that he has mastered sitting...He still wobbles, but many times he can catch himself
He is still intrigued with Bruiser and has found his tail and knows how to pull it---Watch out Bruiser!
He still LOVES the bath. We got him a bath seat and he went crazy kicking his legs in it and laughing. He still tries to catch the water as it comes out of the faucet...and is sad every time bath time is over
He loves to babble...and at times his babbling is more like yelling!
He puts anything and everything in his mouth--case in point---we went to Jewel yesterday and I put him in the Baby Bjorn....he was holding my grocery list...well I thought he was holding it...and I went to check it....and poof! 1/2 was gone....Brayden had ate it!
He still is such a SMILEY guy...and he is such a flirt too especially with Nora and Billie
Brayden is not a great at times that can be rough...however he does sleep about 11 hours at night...WONDERFUL sleep for the parents...however I am sure that this will change with the teeth start to come in--but no teeth yet!
He is a great snuggler....I love to snuggle and cuddle with him...and do every chance I can, because I know he will be on the move soon
He is very the neck, under the arms and feet...are the most ticklish!
He loves to be outside...whether its in the stroller, baby carrier, or at the park he loves it.

He is just so curious and smart and he amazes Aaron and I every day with something new. Life with Brayden is great. Being a parent is a hard job but the reward that comes with it---is just wonderful! We are loving every second---even though time is going way too fast....and we are excited to see what each new day brings!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! We were super busy...but I enjoyed every minute!
Here I am talking with Bruiser...I was telling him all about my toys....
Say Cheese!
On Saturday, we had a first birthday party for my friend, Griffin. It was such a blast. I tried to sneak a drink....however I got busted!
Hanging with mommy
Griffin had the best birthday cake. As you can tell he enjoyed it VERY much...
and I wanted some too!!!!
Sunday morning I woke up and snuggled with daddy...
And then headed to the park to play with my friends
Baby time!!! Ruth is missing....she was on the swing. But here I am with Nora, Anna and Andrew
Swinging for the first time...I knew to hang on
So fun!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My week with Billie

This week my girlfriend, Nora, had Spring Break with her mommy. I missed her...but I also enjoyed being spoiled by Billie and having her all to myself! Here are a few shots of the days that we spent together.

Me and my doggie
Standing tall
Billie left me on the bed for a quick second, and when she came back this is how she found me...reading to myself! I'm quite the smart cookie!
All smiles
Loving my cup
Playing blanket!
What a great week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Belly Laughing at the Raccoon

Here is the video of Brayden laughing at the funny!

Happy Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter! I was off work on Friday, so me and the little guy really enjoyed our day together. He still loves his mobile, however he is starting to think about grabbing soon it will have to come down, but we will enjoy it for now
Brayden is always all smiles when he is in his bouncer...
And as you can see, with the warm weather approaching Brayden wanted to bust out his baseball gear. We were headed to Polo that night, so just to get on Daddy's nerves, I put him in Cardinals gear...and well let's be honest, he is going to cheer for the Red Birds!
We made it to Polo safely on Friday night, and on Saturday we took Brayden to Farm and Fleet to see the baby chicks and bunnies. He just loved them!
While we were there, he wanted to test out a cowboy hat....he looks like he is ready to boot scoot and boogie to me!
Saturday night we went over to Great-Grandma's house. It was so great to visit with her...and she had the best toy ever...this raccoon that when you shook him made noise! Brayden was belly laughing like crazy at this funny animal (I will post the video later).
Brayden of course needed some serious grandpa time too...and I guess Bruiser did too!
On Sunday morning, Brayden was excited for his for his first Easter. So we got ready and headed off to church
and there he had his first Easter Egg hunt!
We also enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast. Here is Brayden getting some love from Grandma.
Once we got home from church, Great Grandma came over for an Easter lunch and as you can see Brayden opened all his Easter baskets and enjoyed everything inside them. What a great weekend!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Love Chicks!

Our little mismatched, rainbow colored "chick"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break and a Trip to Southern Illinois

Before I headed to Southern Illinois to celebrate Easter a little early, I had to stop by the doctor's for my five month appointment. I weighed in at 18.6 pounds and just under 28 inches...both in the you can see I was born an over achiever!
I was so happy to get to Southern Illinois and visit with my family. I really enjoyed sitting on great-grandpa's table. He would give me a hard time about sitting "on" the table rather than "at" the table...however....I know he really didn't mind....he just likes to joke! As you can see it really worked out well for me...I could see everyone and my grandma hooked me up with some toys!
I also tried bananas while I was there....yummy! And the best part....mommy lets me play with the peeling after!
They also kept me busy in Belleville. I had to manage the icing of Easter cookies...I stuck my hand in the icing bowl and thought I would get away with a quick taste....however I got caught. Hopefully next year I can try one!
My Aunt Colleen, Mommy and I headed to the park on Friday since it was such a beautiful day! Aunt Colleen was funny...she wasn't sure about the whole walking thing at first....but she enjoyed it!. As you can see it was I had to sport my shades.
Aunt Colleen took me down the slide....what a fun time!
And then mommy did...
Parks sure are fun!
On Saturday, I attended my first Easter Egg Hunt. But....I did not get to hunt for eggs. The hunt started later than we thought, and it was cold and instead I got to see all the animals including a bunny and a pug!!!! I was thrilled when I saw the pug---at first I thought it was Bruiser...I was really missing him. Even though I did not get an was fun!

We also celebrated my Grandpa Bo's birthday! It was so great to see Uncle Joe, Aunt Jenni and Clara.
Clara and Aunt Jenni...
Me and Grandma
Once we were back home, I was ready to watch t.v. and relax. What a great trip!