Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our little man turned 7 months on May 14th....he is just getting too old, too fast! We do not go to the doctor's this month for a well check (this is our first month without a visit) Aaron and I tried to weigh Brayden on our own. We are thinking around 21pounds or so...and as far as height goes...he is growing like a weed...I would guess close to 30 inches! Our little man is in 9 and 12 month clothes....I guess he is not so little!
Brayden is still his happy, outgoing self. He is so ticklish and laughing more than ever! He likes to babble....he says bababa, dadadada, and I swear I think I heard mamama :) He also is starting to imitate what we do...I taught him how to do the "Indian Chant noise" and he thinks it is great...not so sure if it is PC though! Brayden is sitting so well on his own and rolling over from his belly to back still. We are SUPER close to rolling the opposite direction...however I really think that he can do it, but is choosing not to! He is starting to scoot...backwards or in circles, but I know before long he will be on the move. He is still eating everything in sight! He loves swimming class too! I only have 2 more weeks left of school...and I cannot wait to spend all day with him!!! Here are a few pictures of our seven month man...

Still loving the swings...
Down the slide...
Vrooom, Vrooom
Brayden loves to be naked...typical male I guess!!
And also LOVES electronics...
Let me make a phone call and catch the latest episode of Desperate Housewives...
Brayden tried a teething biscuit...of course he loved it...he loves to eat!!!
Can you tell what he ate for the day...I think he is wearing something from each meal!
We are starting to let him sleep without a sleep sack, but he needs his blankie then...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo Shoot

Here are a few pics from a while back when we had a photographer come to our place....Brayden was about 4 1/2 now at 7 months he is much bigger but still smiling just as big!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!
The boys spoiled me---I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day celebration.
Here are a few pictures from our weekend.
How Brayden LOVES his dog!
Trying to scoot...he gets closer to being mobile every day!
Go Polo Marcos!
A serious conversation with daddy...
Happy Mother's Day... The card that Brayden gave me, had a bobble head of was hilarious!

We went to brunch and then to the Shedd...
He loved the fish...and we did too!
And even though the naps were minimal due to all the celebrations...Brayden was still laughing at the end of it all!
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chatter, Chatter

Tonight after dinner Brayden was very chatting...well in between his yawns! I think he was saying Happy Mother's Day or maybe...feed me more!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Tour of Central Illinois

What a busy, fun weekend! I went on a tour of Central Illinois and got to visit with so many people! Good ol' Champaign is where our trip began. We went there to see Lisa run the Illinois Marathon...she did such a great job! As you can see I made a sign to cheer her was fun to crinkle up and chew on too!
I loved meeting Charlie...Lisa and Andrew's dog...she was so sweet! I also got to play in this stuff called grass for the first time! It was fabulous!!!! I loved pulling it out of the ground, however I am not so sure that the park's people appreciated my destruction.
Go Lisa!!!
As usual, I had to squeeze in a little cat nap too...all that cheering and playing tires one out!

Go Lisa Go!
After Lisa finished the race we headed to lunch...I had such a great time visiting with everyone! And I cannot wait to see these 2 in just a few weeks in Boston! We also got to visit with Mary, another one of Mommy's friends from college and some of Lisa's family members.
After lunch, we loaded back in the car and we were off to Bloomington for the night to see Aunt Reena, Uncle Brian and Jaron (Justin had to work). Here I am playing with Jaron (and my red will notice that this has become a great favorite of mine)
Here is Aunt Reena...
And Uncle Brian! At their house they gave me a red plastic cup...who would have guessed that a cup could provide so much entertainment (well except in games like Flippy Cup---I think my daddy will teach me this when I am older) After we visited there we headed to our hotel for the night.
The next morning I was still loving my red cup!!!
For breakfast my mommy let me try toast....yum!!!!!! I really did not eat was just more fun to suck on and make a mess with!
Then I headed into the pool for a quick dip...
Splash, Splash
And then we headed back into the car to go to Peoria. It was so nice to see family that I have not seen in so long. Here I am with my Aunt Cheryl...
My godfather Jason...
Aunt Robyn... second cousin... It was of course to great to see everyone! I had more fun with the red ball and just visiting with everyone!!!
And still today I am smiling and happy....
And still Loving my red ball!!!