Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming and CRAWLING!!!

Here are a few pictures of Brayden swimming in our fancy, at home baby pool :) He just loves being in the water...
and sunbathing!
The most exciting thing that happened this week though---was Monday---Brayden finally CRAWLED!!!! For all you who have seen him know just how close he has been for like the last 3 weeks...and finally on Monday he figured it out!! And he is sooooo happy now! Before he was able to crawl, he would cry and whine Aaron and I were so elated when he did it! He of course is crawling and getting into everything he is not supposed to....but I guess thats what boys (kids in general) do. The first thing he crawled to was Bruiser's bowl...guess he was looking for food...and then he crawled to the screen door and head-butted it for about 5 he could not figure out why he could not get outside! Here are a few photos of the little man crawling and getting into trouble!
Hmmmm....can I break this?!?!?!
What our house now looks like...everywhere...
A magazine party....
We have our running shoes on and we are ready---as we know that the chase is on!

Sunday Funday...

This past Sunday we had several of our friends over to break in the new backyard!! It was a great time and we had great weather. Here are a few of the photos from the day....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

South Dakota

We headed to South Dakota for a wonderful, fun-filled week family reunion. We could not have asked for a better was so wonderful to see all of our family and enjoy everyone's company. While we there we celebrated Christmas in July and also embarked on many other fun adventures!
We drove 14 we had a few stops on the way there---however our littlest passenger could not have been better behaved!
Our first stop was the FAMOUS Corn Palace...who knew that there was a palace made of corn art!
Mr. Cornie
Another pit-stop at the famous Wall Drug...I wanted to saddle-up!
Chief Brayden
We made it!!! Now, snuggle time with cousins
Our first day out we headed to Keystone. Here are Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave...we are making our way up to the Alpine Slide
Big cousin, Michael, was feeding me and playing with me while the adults were having margaritas! He snuck me my first french-fry...and I loved it!!
In Keystone, we also took some Old Time Photos...
Yes, he is drinking Jack!
Swimming...he does enjoy the pool...however this picture does not show it!
MMMM...of course we ate well while we were there...
Mount Rushmore
One day we all had our family photos taken---which all turned out great and then headed to a special place to remember someone very dear to us, Grandpa...
Happy Wedding celebration Brandon and Lyndsey
Custer Sate Park...where the buffalo roam...
A donkey trying to get into our car...
and eat Brayden! And Brayden is just waving at him!
More donkeys...
A scenic view...
Yes, we drove through these tiny rock tunnels
Sylvan Lake....beautiful!!!
Hi Mom, I'm hiking with dad!

More time with Gracyn....she just LOVED me!
Brian, Reena, Jaron and Justin
Stephanie and Ambrose
Megan and Eric
Yeah, its Christmas in July!!! And it sure was...the little guy was super spoiled!!!
Ripping into the gifts!
Playing funny grandpa!!
Campfires and smores at night
Old McDonald's petting farm....Brayden loved the animals!!!! He petted all that he could and even gave a bottle to a baby goat!
A chick
Bottle feeding a goat
Surprise Gramps!!!! A celebration for his 60th!
I liked the hat too!
All the kids, Ambrose was a little sad...I think he knew it was our last night there...we all felt like that!
What a great trip!!! When I got home, I realized that I took over 300 photos, so these are just a few to give you a small taste of our wonderful trip!