Sunday, August 29, 2010

What have we been up to...

We are still here and HAPPY....we have just been here is what we have been up to...
Last weekend we headed to St. Louis for a wedding and while we were there we had a wonderful time. We got to spend a lot of time with the family and stayed busy. We went to Grant's Farm on Friday afternoon....I forgot how HOT and HUMID it is in St Louis...and as you will see in later photos, Brayden had not ever experienced this kind of heat, but it was still fun
On the train on the way in
His first goat feeding experience...
He was not quite sure about the goats...but either was I....they all attack at once!
This shows how HOT is was....sweaty and red-faced
Colleen and Aaron fed the camels
Brayden went on his first carousel first he was not sure, but as the ride continued going he loved it and got the hang of it...
Aaron and I had a night out at the Cardinals game...
Here is the happy couple, Elliot and was a beautiful wedding
Grandpa, Uncle John and Mom
Aaron and I
Brayden is ready to pack it up...
We had brunch with Angie and Addison at Eckert's...its always so nice to see friends
Then it was back to work for us. The first week of school went well...and we could not have asked for a better sitter to watch Brayden...she is wonderful and he is so happy there. On Friday night, we decided to BBQ--and he needed to relax and have a drink
Love to Bruiser
On Saturday, we headed to the Brookfield Zoo. Brayden was our tour guide...we had never been to this zoo before and it was fun and HUGE. We meet up with our friends the Russells
Monkey house
Looking at the birds---what faces!

Griffin and Ryan
Brayden wanted to get close and personal with the fish...
Another carousel ride but this time with Griffin and his mom
We also went to a BBQ today, Sunday, and we found out that our friends Mike and Lindsey are having a GIRL!!!! Yeah, Brayden is so pumped to have another girlfriend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 months

Brayden is now 10 months---oh where, oh where has the time gone? He is busy as ever and getting into trouble with his buddy, Bruiser. Brayden's 10 month appointment was on Monday and he weighed in at a 1/2 ounce shy of 24 pounds (90%) and is 31 inches long (97%). So he is growing great! He is doing well developmentally too---we just do not have any words yet and he is not interested in patty cake---but he is so busy, that I am not worried about these milestones yet. All the other ones he has accomplished. He is so happy and active. He loves to look outside and be outside. He still loves other kids and has no stranger anxiety---he goes to everyone. He is scaling all the walls and doors in our house, and can pull himself up on to anything. We are working on getting rid of the pacifier---we have gone 2 nights---he is doing okay--but I will be so happy once he does not cry for it anymore. He still loves to eat pretty much everything---just not really rice or pasta--I wish I did not like those carbs! His smile and laugh are contagious---I just cannot help but smile and laugh at him---even when I know I should not. That little smile will be the death of me as he gets older----I am going to have to stay strong and not let him get away with everything. I am getting ready to head back to work on Monday---I just cannot believe that our summer is over. I know that I am so lucky to have the summer months with him---and I soak it up everyday---but it is just so hard to leave him. Here are a few recent photos of our little man:

"What don't you need us to help you with the dishwasher???"
"Bruiser, no napping...Its time to play!!!"
Brayden and his girlfriend Ruth (who is moving to PA)
Anna, Ruth and Brayden---having so much fun!
Brayden and Riley--we went to visit our friends in the city last weekend and of course our little animal lover just LOVED their dog
And he is still a reader...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Boy!

What a Big Boy! Brayden starting crawling on Monday....and by that Friday he started to pull himself up. So now, he is officially into everything and oh, so busy! If these milestone keep coming as fast as they are...he'll be running a marathon by his first birthday!

Here are a few shots of our big boy...he will be 10 months on Saturday...and his 10 month appointment is on Monday, so we will have stats then....but as you can tell from the photos, he is a big boy! Aaron and I are thinking at least 24 pounds...and 30 inches LEAST!
What work that is!
Bruiser now hides from Brayden...he needs a rest from being chased!
This is what our naps have turned into...I just love that when I went in there he immediately stopped screaming and put on a smile for the camera...what a ham!
Standing up again...
Brayden's new big boy ride....I put him in there this morning, his eyes lit up...and he smiled from ear to ear---I think it is safe to say he likes his new ride! Also, he started steering the second I put him in---amazing what kids know!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My visit to Belleville...

This past weekend my daddy was on his yearly guy's baseball trip in mommy and I decided to head to Belleville to see our family and friends. We were there for 5 days....and had such a great time...and as always the time just goes too fast! Here are a few pictures from our trip...
Great-Grandpa was so happy to see me. He read me lots of books.
On Friday we went to the Magic House in St. Louis and what a magical place it is! I LOVED it!!!! One of my favorite things was all the mirrors they had---I just love looking at my little, handsome self!
They also had a ball area for little pee-wees like!!
Water---you know how I feel about that----this was fabulous!
They even had a big lego area....this is where I met another Brayden....although he spelt his name a little different. And on this note, I am the only Brayden that I know in Chicago, but in St. Louis I met 3 more! Crazy!
Blowing HUGE bubbles
This was by far my favorite thing, this machine blew balls in the air, I just loved it!
And forget the crawling, I am reading to climb and walk!
On Friday night, we went over to watch we are with Grandma..getting lots of snuggles!
Saturday, mommy had a bridal shower. So of course I went to see all the ladies. I also got to meet Addison....adorable!
Mommy got to go out with her friends for a while after the shower....and I got special grandma time...she spoils me!!!
Here I am with my most favorite toy that they had for me in piano. I played and played on it....I liked it so much that they even let me bring it home!!!
As if I do not have enough food or drink...I thought I would steal mom's diet coke
At great-grandpa's they also hung a swing for me....good times!
On Sunday we went to a BBQ and pool party at Aunt Jenni and Uncle Joes's...
Miss Clara
At the end of the trip...I was so tuckered out...I passed out in Grandpa Bo's arms