Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Haircut

So, it took some convincing...on Aaron's part...but we took Brayden to get his first haircut tonight. As you can see from the photos below...his rat tail was getting a little out of control...and the moment that made Aaron decide that it was that time to cut our son's hair, is when he was bathing him the other night...and called me in to see his do--so here are so Before photos...

And some after...
To take care of the "rat tail" we headed to Kidsnips tonight...and Brayden had his first haircut. He did you can tell from the photos he was a little nervous...and was not a big fan of the clippers...
But, when all was said and done...he looked very handsome...and a little older...sniff, sniff...but it was time to take care of his tail and spruce up for the holidays!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Shedd...

Last Saturday we headed to the Shedd Aquarium. Brayden just loves to watch fish. We went pretty early, so he was able to roam around. He watched all the fish pretty intently--he really enjoyed the sting ray area---you can basically stand above them and look down. He also really like the kid's tide pool you can see he stuck his hands right in...and went to town...splashing and having fun.

Here are a few photos from Friday morning...everyday the routine is as follows...milk, then his morning snack---Cheerios-- to tide him over on the drive---as you can see he dumped them everywhere and then held his bowl up wanting more. Then, he headed out the door to Kim's for his 3 course breakfast...

Where is Brayden??? Oh there he is....hiding in our table?!?!?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bath Time!!!

Brayden is a HUGE fan of water.... Bath time, swim lessons, anything that involves water - he gets real excited. Here is a video we took the other night of him out in our kitchen...... and he heard the water turn on for his bath! What a fish he is!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brayden watching Baby Einstein.....

Brayden lasts about 8 minutes on the couch, and then he has to get right up in the action.......

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Year Old Update...

Here is a little update on our one year old...
Here are some of Brayden's likes:
-LOVES to be the park, on walks, swinging, sliding, anything as long as its outside!
-hiding...he is into hiding under the table---you will see in the photos below---and he is also into hiding his toys...and although I cannot seem to find them, he knows where they are all the time
-Brayden is still a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY---at play group or anytime we are around other kids, his eyes light up and his smile gets bigger. We have taken him to a play group at church the last 2 weeks...and when we go to pick him up, he cries!
-LOVES to eat---bananas and cheese are by far his favorite foods....however he still eats pretty much anything. There are of course, times when he is a little picky...but we can't complain!
-Now, that Brayden is on the move...he wants to walk everywhere...he is doing great at walking...and if he is behind a push-toy he can RUN... With that said, he still drops to a fast crawl when he hears the bathtub water running...because he LOVES water
-Brayden LOVES Bruiser...he chases him, feeds him, and tortures him....but they seem to best buddies still
-He loves playing with all his new toys---he has figured out how to build with his lego blocks, loves setting up all the farm animals, sending the cars down the track and of course RIPPING ALL the books off the shelf!!!
-He is into EVERYTHING---usually its funny---but when he rips the dishwasher apart as as we are loading it, its not always too funny.
-He also can be too smart for his own good---we have put those cabinet protectors on all the cabinets---and from time to time, he figures out how to open them---wonder if they were worth the money and installation
-LOVES to smile!!!! Brayden is so happy---almost ALL the time!!! He loves to be out and about---he actually enjoys the grocery store...because he waves at every person in the store---he always gets free samples at Whole Foods :) Thats my BOY!
-His newest LOVE is the couch...he wants to get up and down, and up and down...and when he is up, he is ALL over the place, bouncing from cushion to cushion...pillow to pillow
-Still needs his blanket and sound machine to go to bed...but goes to sleep easy (like me---I am out like a light every night) and sleeps about 11 hours
-Has began clapping at the t.v. when its he is cheering for the people! Except when, he hits the buttons and it turns to the static----this is when his little lips pucker up and his eyes begin to water...and then the screams start!!! He is not a fan of that!
-He loves his swimming class and is a HAM at our music class---he does not sit by us, like all the other kids do...he sits RIGHT in the CENTER of the circle and dances and shakes his instruments for all to see---quite the center of attention!!!
-THE BEST though, he now gives hugs..and just for no reason at all, he will cling on a give a great big bear hug!!!

Of course there are things that Brayden does not like....and that are not so pleasant
-His strong will is starting to show more and more everyday...we have had quite a few tantrums...and he is a handful during those!!! Screaming, kicking, hitting---watch out!!!
-Teething...but really who likes that---but while Brayden was suffering through the molars...he BIT me...that was hard to handle!
-He does not want to be held anymore when drinking his milk...unless we are reading a at night, he roams the family room drinking his milk...then we head off to his room to read a book, so that we can get snuggle time
-With all his climbing---and being a "boy"---bumps and bruises happen off---along with tears which is no fun

Things are really great with a one-year old...he keeps us on our toes and the fun times and smiles keep coming.