Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is in full swing...

Christmas is almost here! Brayden wrote his letter to Santa and also had a very Happy St Nick day! Each day we do a different activity from our Adevent we have been having fun and getting ourselves in the Christmas spirit!

We have been keeping busy on these long days---since we can only be outside for short we have had some playdates and Brayden has been loving his gymnastic class...

One night the kids got to put their new ornaments on the tree---Brayden was extra excited about his new George ornament. Not quite sure how he hung it on the tree---but it stayed!

We went to see the Zoolights at Lincoln Park Zoo. It has been unseasonably warm around here---which we are MUCH enjoying! Brayden loved the lights...and of course this giant penguin (Pete as Brayden calls penguins)---which was our saving grace---since all he wanted to see was the penguins and the exhibit was closed!

Some other happenings around here...
-Brayden is all about singing and dancing--it is hysterical
_He is also a little parrot these days---sometimes I feel like I have a junior lori running around here!
-Brayden has also been going pee on the potty---we are not fulling potty training yet---I know it might sound like I am a slacker mom---but with a newborn, the holidays, and me soon to be packing up our house (we are moving early next year---yeah we got a house!!!) and going back to work---I am just not ready to fully tackle that obstacle....but we do have him go before/after nap and bath...and before bed!
-Marshall is sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night!!!! And is seeming to be more content and happy through out the day :) He is staying awake for longer and is smiling, cooing and getting cuter and chubbier every day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch up...

Things have been...well let's just say a little crazy around here here is a quick update on what we have been up to.
We celebrated Marshall's first Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Jefford in Dixion. It was a great holiday--and it was great to go to their house for a few days and get away! Its also so nice to have extra hands and help with both boys! While we were there we also got to see Aunt Reena, Uncle Brian and Jaron (Brayden's all time favorite!). He had fun playing flashlight with Jaron and Aunt Reena snuggled with little Marshall and was like the baby whisperer that night---he only cried for about an hour or so the night that they were there. This folks is a big deal---our little boy cries for up to 5 hours in a ROW sometimes---darn colic! However, we have made some adjustments to his eating...and we are seeing some improvements...however each day is different and you never know what the day/night will bring.

Marshall also turned one month while we were there. We had his doctor's appointment when we got back...he is toppling the scales at 11pounds 9 1/2 ounces and is 22 inches long....he is growing like a weed and filling out!!! We went to see Santa at White Pines (where we also got our tree). Brayden has been talking about Santa...and so we thought he may want to sit on his lap this year---nope---he talked to him from a far, but in order to get a picture we all needed to be by Santa.

While we were in Dixion, we also went and got our Christmas tree. We finally got around to decorating it...and we are starting to do some fun Christmas activities--which included Brayden setting up his nativity--pretty sure its one-of-a-kind---see the picture below! It also has been kind of nice here---weather wise---so we have been able to get out on some walks and such---which is great! It is always so nice to get out. I also celebrated my 30th--the boys were very good to me as were family and friends. This past weekend my sister came in great to see the Bean! Aaron, Marshall (aka Santa-see the pic below) and I went to a Christmas party with our friends while Aunt Bean, Adam and Brayden had a special movie night. Here are some other pics...