Monday, January 17, 2011

15 Month Checkup

At 15 months Brayden is a very healthy, big boy! He weighs in at 26.4 pounds (76%) and he is 33 1/4 inches tall (96%). The doctor asked me after looking at his measurements if I was concerned at all about his height or weight with a smile...I responded no...and she smiled and said, great you shouldn't be! He could not be any healthier in those regards! His check up went great---I knew physically he has been hitting all his milestones---walking (running actually), banging things together, putting things into containers, stacking blocks, building with legos etc... but I was a little nervous about his speech---he is not saying many words at all, but she said at this point he only needs to be saying 3---and he is--so thats good!

Here is what else Brayden is up to at 15 months
-He spins around in circles and he tries to jump--which is so funny, because when does he squats down and then springs up...without moving his feet off the ground--but he thinks he is jumping :)
-I let him finger-paint, what a mess but fun! I have tried coloring with crayons too...but he thinks that crayons are food!
-The words that he says--and by says, I mean sometimes when he feels like it---are: mama, dada, ELMO (this is his favorite word), BR (for Bruiser), ball, bye-bye and nana (for banana)
-He still loves to read books to himself---and he amazes me that he always holds the book the correct way and looks as if he is reading it
-He likes to roll and throw balls...this is becoming more and more fun for us all
-When we say bath or he hears the water, he still takes off---bath time maybe he favorite time of the day
-He has a mouth full of teeth--and boy were the last ones painful for all of sleep and very crabby...but he seems to be doing better until more pop through, I will enjoy the extra sleep and his extra happy disposition
-He still loves playing with his dog--although he does get frustrated that Bruiser does not play catch like Kim's (his babysitter) dogs
-He has bit a few people a few times---so I am a little concerned that we may have a bitter on our hands...but we are working on it. Along, with biting, Brayden can be very strong willed...and really likes things to go his way--but hey who doesn't? So, lately he has been standing in front of the TV and screaming ELMO ELMO!!!! and we have to remind him that we are not watching then he hits all the which we tell him no buttons...he continues doing this...and then timeout it is...for timeout since he is so little, we have him stand in the corner and we stand behind him...he screams and cries, but he gets the idea and then the tantrum is least for a bit.
-He also has been standing in front of the shelf that has DVDS and even though he says no, no and shakes his head no--because he knows that he cannot touch them, he inches closer and closer and screams--yes you guessed it---ELMO--and then the process begins! I am not sure how/why he is so obsessed with Elmo...he has only watched it a few times and he has books with him...but he is obsessed with him!!! We have bought him some Elmo pjs, Elmo cups and an elmo doll since he seems to be so in love with him!
-He still loves being around other kids---he goes to 2 different play groups during the week and he also enjoys going to the library and music class
-His favorite foods are bananas---the kid is seriously a monkey--also sweet potatoes, guacamole, tacos (he now holds them and eats them--what a sight!). He likes to feed himself and is doing great with a spoon and fork.
-He really likes to listen to his kid cds---and he can now roar like a lion
-He loves anything musical...he plays his recorder and can be heard pushing his popcorn popper throughout the house
-He is obsessed with hide and seek, loves to wave and say bye-bye and likes to open and close doors and organize everything that is in the cabinets---by organize I mean rip everything out and then stand everything up...knock down and repeat!
-Just last night he blew me his first kiss---so precious!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monkey Joes.....

This weekend we headed to Monkey Joes to enjoy the blow up playgrounds. Brayden was all over the place and loving every minute of it. Here is a short video clip of the day. After we got home from a day of play, Brayden took over a 2.5 hr nap!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures from the day too...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year 2011

Happy 2011! We have been having a great new year thus far. To celebrate New Years we went to the Bulls Game. We were excited to go and take Brayden to his first game---but I was really nervous about how a one year old would do sitting in close quarters for that amount of time. We got to the stadium pretty early, so we got to explore the United Center. Brayden liked exploring and checking out all the Bulls stuff. They also let you go front row to view practice, so we got up close and watched the Bulls practice too. Brayden was GLUED to the game---he literally sat so still for the first 2 quarters and halftime....but after that he lost interest. We stayed until the 4th quarter and then made our break before all craziness broke loose. But---I was impressed that he made it that long! The Bulls beat New Jersey and what a great way to celebrate New Years!

All of our partying wore us out...

Brayden got this musical dog from his great-grandma for Christmas....he sings and he dances....and he plays with this toy he LOVES musical toys

We went to meet one of Aaron's good friends from high school for dinner one night. He and his wife were in town visiting family, so we were able to get together and have our kids meet for the first time. The kids are only about 3 weeks apart--and they were hilarious at dinner! They kept each other entertained by drumming, laughing, pointing and more...we actually had about a 2 hour dinner/visit...and the kids were content in their highchairs the whole time---that never happens!!

Boxes can be fun toys too!

Tonight I let Brayden finger-paint for the first time. Aaron was not so sure about attempting this feat---but it was fun---of course he tried to eat the paint---I am pretty sure he got a lick or 2 in---but it was overall a success. He made his first art project (which of course is proudly displayed on the fridge) and then he was off to the bath...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful Christmas!!! We have been so busy celebrating the holidays these last 2 weeks...just thinking about how much we have done is exhausting! But we enjoyed every minute---well every minute minus the teething and NO sleep---but it was great to see all of our family and friends!
We started off by going to Belleville. We went to the Magic House in St Louis and we had a wonderful time. Brayden and Aaron made a bubble around themselves, we played in water...and as you will see in the photos below---Brayden found his calling in the White House! We also went to the Shrine to see all the beautiful Christmas lights--we tried to attend a puppet show there but the little guy was not having it. We celebrated Christmas Eve at Grandpa's house with our traditional German meal---and it was delicious! On Christmas day the festivities continued...Santa came to Grandpa's house in the morning, then off we went to Joe and Jenni's and then Uncle John and Aunt Carol's house. Then we packed back up and went to Bloomington for a quick stop at Aunt Rhena's and the finally made it to Polo! 5 Christmas celebrations in ONE day!!
Once in Polo, we had more Christmas celebrations---it was great to see everyone! We also got take Brayden out in his new wagon, which he LOVES! We also had SOOOO much snow, that we enjoyed some great sledding! When we arrived back home, my great friend Lisa was is town, so she came for a night---it was so great to see her. And, then we continued celebrating with great friends into the New Year! I just cannot believe that another year has passed! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that make the holidays so special! It was so fun to watch Brayden this year figuring out how to open gifts and his eyes light up as he opened the gifts! He really does make the holiday season even more special! We are continuing in some of our families' traditions, but we are also starting to make traditions for our family--and I know that each Christmas will be even more exciting, fun and special. Here are some pics from some of the festivities: