Monday, February 14, 2011


Brayden has had his new basketball hoop for about 4 days, and has figured out how to dunk - even though he is not tall enough. He will either pull the net down to tip the front of the rim down.... or he will pull the stand down with one arm and dunk with the other.... too smart of a guy. Enjoy the video!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a warm up this weekend, it was great! You know it is COLD when you are jumping for joy, over a 40 degree day!!! Shoveling....get outta here snow!!

Hmmm....Brayden's newest thing, he likes wearing his lego box on his head---I am guessing he gets this from Aaron?!?!

Relaxing...watching Basketball! Brayden's newest obsession...he still loves Elmo, but he really likes to watch basketball with his daddy. When Aaron gets home, Brayden says DADDA BBALL!!!

Since Brayden is the LOVE of our lives, we had to spoil him with a new basketball hoop. His grandma and grandpa got him a one that hung on a the baby gate---but being as tall as he is, he just kept ripping it down by slam dunking! So, we decided he needed a new one. He LOVES it...he played with ALL weekend LONG! He is so hilarious, he keeps trying to reach and slam dunk, but he is about 2 inches too short :) However, he just laughs at his missed basket, runs after the ball and tries again---I must say that the kid has perseverance! Watch out MJ here comes BJ!

Brayden has been so lucky, getting SO MANY Valentine's in the mail...all week he has received cards and packages..and today he got 4 more Valentines! He loves getting mail...we keep them in a little mailbox and he gets his cards out and rereads them daily.

Today at Oberweis, they had free ice cream to celebrate Valentines Day! So of course, we took advantage of such a great deal!!! Brayden enjoyed his ice cream...down to the LAST drop! He worked to get every bit out of the bowl :) Guess he takes after his mom!

Here is a sneak peek at Brayden's first art project...he's so much better finger-painting this time around...this is a valentine for his sitter and her family...

Happy Valentines to all!!! Enjoy your day with your loved ones...and we are awaiting the arrival of our newest niece/nephew Tues!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Trip to Kohls Museum...

Lori was doing some research for something we could do since it was so cold out. She came across this kids museum in a neighboring suburb. We went there on Saturday and had a blast!!!

Swinging in the snow....

This is before the BLIZZARD of 2011.... We were a going a little crazy being stuck inside. Brayden was having fun in his sled, but then he kept pointing over by the swing. So we took him over and he was really excited to get in and swing.... The task was getting him back out of the swing. He was really stuck in there with his snow pants, and winter jacket on. After a few attempts we got him out.....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We have been busy trying to stay warm during this CrAzY Blizzard of 2011!
I have neglected to post some pictures that we have had for here are some updates on what we have been up to....and then at the bottom are the SNOW DAY pictures!!!

Our good friends Mike and Lindsay just welcomed their little baby girl into the world early are the proud parents with Eliza Marie! She is beautiful...Brayden checked her out a bit...but then he was much more interested in the dog, balls, and the dog cage.

On night, all the lightbulbs were out in the kitchen...Aaron could not get the light fixture loose for the life of we had dinner by candlelight

There has been a little more of this than I would like to admit....and at times more than I can handle...I thought the saying was terrible twos...and this little man is only 15 months! Here he is freaking out about wanting to guessed it....Elmo! He is only allowed to watch one show per day....if that. But Brayden has much different feelings about that!

He loves his new basketball hoop...although, he wishes that all balls (and other toys for that matter) would fit through the hoop. He still loves to read his books...

These sledding pictures were taken before the Blizzard...We are just feeling so cooped up!!! So, we headed out and let Brayden sled...all he wanted to do, was swing though. We took a video a video of him swinging in the snow. It was quite a sight...the funniest part, was trying to get our poofy little man back out of the swing...I will have Aaron post the video later :)

Aaron had decided that Brayden should start styling his here is the trial run....

Cincinatti Chili...delicious but what a mess!!! However...most of our dinners look like this, since now we have a boy who want to be very independent when eating!

Like I said, we feel so cooped up....and I know that if I am getting bored of being indoors, Brayden it too. So, I decided to set up a tent in our living room. He really enjoys his new play space...its hard to see but he has drug a bunch of his toys into the tent...and he just sits in it, giggling and content!

TV time...

And here comes the BLIZZARD!!!!