Monday, April 25, 2011

1/2 birthday and...

I forgot to post these when I posted Brayden's 18 month photos. We celebrated his half birthday, with a can tell how much he enjoyed his special treat from his facial expressions...

Brayden also wanted to announce that he is going to be a BIG BROTHER in late October...I am thinking early November! We are very excited...we were a little surprised at first...but we could not be happier!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

18 months

Brayden turned 18th months on April is crazy that already a year and half have gone by!! He is growing at a super fast rate...and is busy as ever!!
Here are a few things that he is up to at 18 months:
-Weighs in at 28.9 pounds (75%) and his height is 35 inches (99%)...he is VERY tall
-He is doing great physically---climbing, running and trying to jump (which is hysterical)
-He can locate many body parts---including his hair, ears, teeth, nose (he snorts with this part), eyes, belly (he flashes us his belly when we ask where his belly is), and toes
-LOVES to be outside when he can be. He loves climbing, riding in his car...and getting into trouble :)
-He prefers to be without clothes and shoes...he has mastered getting his shoes off, but not his clothes yet
-He is getting better at coloring and finger painting and just today, he cleaned up all his crayons when he was done! Yeah...too bad that does not happen with all his toys!
-He still loves bath time, however swimming class is not a favorite these days...hopefully it is just a stage, because every other body of water he tries to jump into as quick as possible
-He follows simple instructions/commands---although, only when he chooses
-He LOVES anything with ketchup, syrup and his new favorite---parmesan cheese---we have to fake shake it on everything! He is starting to get a little picker....but still we cannot complain about his eating too much. When he really dislikes out, because we have had many of plates fly across the table and the floor!
-He sleeps about 11 hours at night---although he is always up at 6 am...we need to work on pushing this back and takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon
-He is saying some words---not as may as the typical 18 month should be saying---but he says mama, dada, bru (bruiser), Bulls, ball, nana (banana), elmo, cookie, big bird, buuubles and of course NO....and mumbles a bunch of other things. I am not worried about his speech at this point...I think that all the words will come at once and we won't be able to keep him quiet
-He is still the smiliest kid I know....although he can throw tantrums like no one's business
-He is very strong---he already escaped a pack and play and more recently almost got out of his we now have a tent covering his crib---but we play it off like camping!
-He loves to read books and play with his trucks
-He really enjoys going to the sitter, Kim, each day. She takes him twice a week to play group and once a week to the library. She cooks him wonderful meals and spoils him (in a good way). He loves their family and every afternoon, it is getting harder and harder to corral him out of there...especially if her girls are home!
The list really could go on and on...we enjoy every day with him...although some moments are tougher than others...but that what kids do...push the limits as far as they can!
Here are a few pictures of our BIG little man...

Friday, April 8, 2011

New App from the Mac store...

I dont really post much on the blog, Lori usually always does that..... But I found this great app at the mac store.... Colorize is the name of it. Only a one time fee of $1.99 - can't beat it. It takes awhile to get used to, but so far these are the photos we have enhanced!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Brayden is ATTACHED to his blanket lately. He is like Linus from Peanuts...he cannot go or do anything without it...or without having it close!

Our naked little boy...good thing the neighbors cannot see in!

We found this play structure on Craigslist. We had been looking for quite a while...but they go SO fast. We lucked out though...and this on is almost like new :) Brayden's look when he saw it, was priceless! He started running in circles and laughing as hard as he could. (We have it on video, we will have to post it). He really enjoys being outside---really I know that once the weather is nice that is where we will be 24/7.

DINNERTIME....Oh, in the wonderful dinnertime was. Brayden would eat anything and everything that was placed in front of him...and well now....this is what we get EVERY night!!! Urghhhhh....I think the terrible 2's are setting in early...