Monday, June 20, 2011

Gulf Shores Part 1...Just the beginning...

We are in Gulf Shores, AL!!! Here is our car all packed up for the week...guess we were lucky to fit the dog (who we dropped off in Belleville) and Brayden!

But we made it safely and are having a BALL!!!! What a beautiful place!! I had never been here...however Aaron used to vacation here as a kid...and now I see why! Here are a few pics from the beginning of our trip...but many more to we are here for a week :) (I have nap duty today...hence the blog, otherwise, I would be on the beach!).

More sunny smiles to come!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Grandma Visit!

This weekend was VERY exciting!!!! Grandma Ann came to visit me...I was so excited to see you can tell...

In grandma style, she brought me some great gifts! A bunch of trucks for outside, a SINGING ELMO, and more! I am so spoiled when grandma comes to visit...but thats the way it should be, she says!!

On Sunday, her and my mom headed to Lisa's Bridal Shower. It was a great is mom, with Lisa, Jen and Mary---all college friends.

Monday morning, before grandma had to leave, we headed to the Children's Museum. It was grandma's first time I showed her the ropes!

I was sad for her to leave...but I know I will see her soon! And I am getting excited for my beach vacation!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sick, Better, Dentist, Navy Pier, and a cherry on top!

We thought that the little man might not be up for a whole lot this past weekend, since he was under weather on Wed and Thursday. We could tell he was sick...for many reasons---some too gross to post...but here he is, passed out on the couch...which he has never done, since being mobile... I couldn't resist but watch him and snuggle...

But he bounced right back...and by Saturday he was 100%! Brayden went to his first dentist visit this past Sat. He did very well...the dentist counted all his teeth...16 in we are waiting on 4 more and then he will have all his baby teeth...we are waiting on the molars, and after the teething episode for the other molars, I am in no rush to get these. The dentist said his teeth look just keep brushing. He will go in about 6 months for his first cleaning...

After the appointment we headed downtown to Navy Pier. It was such a great time. Here are a ton of pictures from our day...

Brayden found the only ball/Bulls stained glass window in the place!

Passed out within seconds of getting in the car...Navy Pier really wore him out!

Taco dinner...loved every bite...especially the guacamole!


Our garden...really this picture does not do it actually looks pretty good in person!

First time playing in the sprinkler...

Water table fun!

Sunday Sundae! Ate every last drop!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

funny times at the dinner table.....

Aaron turns 30!!!!

On May 29th...last weekend...Aaron turned the BIG 30!! We celebrated all weekend was a great celebration weekend, one that I think he will always remember. Here are some photos from the events:
Brayden wanted to make some signs for the weekend party

Out to pizza at Lou you can see he really wanted to celebrate...


Rain or shine...we were still going to party! There was a HUGE rainstorm. The power went out twice and our front and back yards were flooded...however the BBQ and festivities still took place! Here are some photos of the party...we had so many friends along with our family to celebrate. It is funny how our parties have changed...this party, brought 3 toddlers and 3 babies...much different than those parties in our 20s...although, we wouldn't change that part for the world!!!

Here's to another GREAT year!!!!