Friday, October 28, 2011

Our family of 4!

So, God has blessed us with another miracle---our little baby boy, Marshall Patrick! He is just really stinkin' cute---with his super chubby cheeks!

We headed to the hospital on Wednesday morning at about 5:30 am. The induction process started at about 7am...and I was a little more nervous this time about the induction---I think just because I knew how fast and strong the contractions would come on. was not as bad as I anticipated...and I made it about 4 hours on my own, and then had an epidural. Even though, that itself was quite painful---the result afterwards was TOTALLY worth it! I mean--I give props to every woman out there who can do this labor process a'natural....but once the epidural was in---I was so relaxed and pretty pain free...and before I knew it, ready to push!!! I was a little nervous that the epidural would slow things down or make it hard for me to push---but that was not the case--in total I was in labor about 8 hours and pushed little Marshall out in 10 minutes (which as my goal!) So he entered the world at 2:59pm on October 26th...weighing 9 pounds and 19 inches long.

So this time around things have been a little different. It seems that both Aaron and I are a little more relaxed and well Luthern General has been wonderful! They have been so supportive and waited on us hand and foot---as excited as I am to go home---I am going to miss my on call nurse and room service! Since Marshall is a bigger baby than Brayden is, I think that we feel a little more comfortable holding and moving him around too. I also have been able to nurse him this time, which Brayden and I could never get the hang of. By no means, it is an easy process, but Marshall and I are working together as a great team and we are doing our best :) and things seem to be going pretty well

And for Big Brother Brayden....he could seriously not have been any more excited yesterday when he got here. Right away he hopped up in bed (even though Marshall was testing out his lung strength---which let's just say, I think he has Brayden beat for decibels of screaming) and said BABY and gave him kisses. I was so happy to see Brayden---I have really missed him the last 2 days---but I am also enjoying my time getting to know our new baby. Marshall gave Brayden some John Deere tractors so he was thrilled...and Brayden gave Marshall a little prayer book (so he would have his own just like Brayden). I think from the pictures you will be able to see his excitement in meeting the baby. We have given both Marshall and Brayden the best gift ever---the special bond that brothers share. I am so excited for the two of them to get to know each other and watch them grow (but not too fast)! And of course, no "Birth" day celebration would be complete without cake...

Oh...and as far as the 2 boys looking similar here are their pictures....Marshall and then Brayden...I see some similarities....but I think Marshall looks a little more like me :) (probably those cheeks)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Officially 2 and 39 weeks

Brayden officially turned 2 on Friday---although with the amount of celebrating we have been doing around here, Brayden probably thinks that birthday celebrations go on for at least a week :) On his actual birthday, we had his favorite meal...tacos and of course cake. And, his favorite part---blowing out the candles. We had to relight them numerous times....although he blew them out...the breathe from his mouth did not get the candles to go out---it was the amount from his nostrils :) He sang happy birthday to himself too. We gave him a balance bike for his birthday and helmet which he enjoys wearing. We also made him a little ABC book with family pictures. Here are some pics from the celebration:

We of course needed to take him to one more special place....sort of for his birthday, but also to really live up what may be the last weekend as a family of 3. So, we headed to Des Plaines to go to the Choo Choo restaurant. It is an old diner that has a train deliver the food to your table. As you can see from the pictures, he could barely contain his excitement there. And he is still saying Choo Choo toasted cheese---because that is what the choo-choo brought him :)

Finally to round out the weekend, we carved a pumpkin. Brayden got into it a little....although as we were cutting the pumpkin he just kept saying Oh NO....and then when it came time to pull out the guts....he said EEEWWWWWW the whole time---he was not a fan of the slimy guts. He did however, enjoy seeing it light up...and of course, then there was the candle to blow out!!!

The Baby is due any day now---Saturday to be exact---however, I am thinking that this little boy will be late my guess is next week some time. The excitement and anticipation is really growing around here....and as excited as we are to meet our new son, Brayden is also seeming to be just as excited about meeting the baby. He waves to his cars seat, decorates my belly with stickers, toys and blankets any chance he gets, and also looks in the crib and basinet each morning to check for the baby. Here I am at 39 weeks. We cannot wait to welcome him...and become a family of 4!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkins, Choo-Choos, and Baby 2

This past weekend we were extra busy....we had family in we wanted to squeeze in as much fun as we could. It was a BEAUTIFUL in the high 70' we took full advantage and squeezed in as much time outdoors as we could. On Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch. We went to the same one last year...but this year it was a ZOO! There were TONS of people there...everyone wanted to soak up the great weather. He loved the pumpkin eating dinosaur, looking at all the pumpkins, and there was a HUGE petting farm/zoo---so he saw every animal under the sun! Here are some pictures from our visit...

Sunday we celebrated Brayden's 2nd birthday (a little early, I know, but I wanted to play it safe, with baby #2 due any day...and it was a long weekend---so it allowed for much recovery time!) We had a Choo-choo party. He was so excited when he woke up from his nap and saw the house decorate with choo-choos. He knew that we were getting a choo-choo cake....but the other decorations were a great surprise. Since the weather was so nice....we played outside, ate pizza and cake, and really enjoyed being with our families and close friends. Brayden was showered with gifts---he even let other kiddos help him open them. Every time he would open a gift, he would want to take it out and play with it was good that we had others to help him unwrap. Here are some pictures from the BIG party....but the celebration will of course continue this weekend, since he will officially be 2 tomorrow. So more birthday pictures are soon to come!

On a side note...Baby #2 is doing good...this picture was taken at 38 weeks...he loves sharing stickers with the baby. We had an ultrasound last night (at 39 weeks they did one to check his size and such)...they are estimating that the baby is 7 pounds 12 ounces...and there is no sign of him coming any time soon. I am due next Saturday, however, I am thinking that this one will be late I am guessing closer to Halloween. But we will see!!!