Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick catch up...

Well things have been a little (actually A LOT) crazy around that is why there is a lack of posting. We are getting ready to move next Friday---and in between going back to work, all the shopping, cleaning, quality time with the boys, packing, moving and unpacking things....I hardly have a minute. But here is what we are up to...(pictures will come soon---hopefully this weekend)

Brayden is 100% potty trained!!!! Yeah!!!! Don't get me wrong, I know that we will have accidents but he is doing GREAT!!! Best part is...he only like to go #2 on the big potty WOOOHOOO which is way less mess and clean up!!!!
He is loving his big boy undies---and with his potty money (he gets change when he goes) we went to Target this weekend. I let Brayden carry his change in a bag, and unleashed him in the toy section. I was a little worried at first, but he just browsed and tried out different truck and toys for about 30 minutes---in the end he settled on an ambulance and got a kick out of paying for it. It drives, shakes, makes noise, etc...he thinks its great! Best part, there were no tears or whining that he wanted more than one thing!
One last potty story--we went to our friend's house on Sunday night. They have 2 girls---one is Marshall's age and one is Brayden's age. Well, Anna, the little girl who is Brayden's age (who he will go to high school with later) decided that she was interested in watching Brayden go to the bathroom at her house---all 5 times that he went. Anyways, Brayden went poop and of course he has to check it out---and screams "Big Terd" Anna responds with "That's Beautiful" Hahahahah!!! That will be a great story to tell them later on in life!
Other than going on the potty, Brayden is just getting SO BIG and SO SMART! He is now able to count to 10, knows his colors and was just accepted into the early 3's preschool next year (I of course teared up thinking about him going to preschool already!)

Now onto sweet little Marshall. He is just so smiley and happy! What a 180 from his first few months of life. He is just a happy camper unless he is tired or hungry. He is a HUGE belly laugher---we got a video of it, and I will post it soon. He is super chubby---he is not quite 4 months and weighs around 17 pounds. I am still trying to squeeze him into 3-6 month clothes...but man they are tight! I just need him to fit in them until we move on Friday and I can break into the 6-9 month bins! He does really well on his belly---he can turn in a circle and pushes up to 90 degrees. He still cannot roll/tip over but soon enough. He is great at holding things and loves to sit in his bumbo while I am cooking or while we are eating dinner. He is just so cute and happy that he brings a smile to my face instantly.

Every day I just say to myself how much I LOVE being a MOM. It is seriously the BEST thing in the world. I LOVE having Marshall in my arms giggling and trying to talk to me while Brayden is playing and telling me about his day. Motherhood is of course hard and tiring----but it is WORTH every sleepless night, every hard time, every break down. It just amazing how much I can LOVE these 2 little people and I thank God every day for giving them to us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 months and Potty!!!!!

Oh how I LOVE these boys...and the love that they have for one another is so amazing already---they look at each other and you can just see the admiration in their eyes for one another...I just love watching them with each other. Marshall always giggles more when Brayden is around...and well when the baby is not in the same room as Brayden...he is upset.

We went to the Shedd a while back..we had a BLAST! Brayden of course loved the penguins the best...but I must say the jellies were super cool too! We also took Brayden to his first movie---a 12 minute 4D Happy Feet movie---and 4D is crazy!!! He wore the glasses....but the 4D comes into play because random things poke you in the back, there are smells, bubbles and water that squirts at you....not what we were expecting but fun!

My mom came to visit for a week before I headed back to was so great to have her here to visit with and enjoy time with the boys. We went to the choo-choo diner, attempted to make a clay plaque of Marshall's feet and hands (I haven't picked it up yet to see the final project), made valentines cookies and much more...

Little Marshall also turned 3 months while she was here (I'm a little behind on blogging). He is doing SO WELL!!! We are through colic...thank goodness....and he is a MUCH HAPPIER baby. He is so stinkin' cute...he is very smiley, loves to laugh---and has loud, belly laughs. He eats A LOT and is still not a super napper....but he is AMAZING at night...he sleeps from about 9:30-6am which is great. He loves doing tummy time and has rolled/tipped over to his hip---but he cannot get his chubby little leg over! He loves to make cooing noises and talk to us. With Brayden I could not wait until he did the next thing....but with Marshall I am soaking up every minute and actually thinking about the next big thing makes me a little sad that he will be growing up just too quick....

Silly boys...

We also have BIG news....Brayden is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....we did it in 3 days...NO diapers, no pull ups, just went straight to the big boy underwear. The first 2 days led to a lot of wine....but by day 3 he was doing great...he is still not crazy about going #2 on the potty....but we are getting there...