Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!
Its been a while since I have updated our I have quite a few pictures to share. Figure while I am on here, I need to do as much as may be a while until I am updating again!
My mom visited us over Spring Break...its always fun when grandparents come to visit....we painted a birdhouse for grandpa Bo, made Easter cookies...and little Marshall turned 5 months! Where has time gone?!?!?
At 5 months Marshall is...
-rolling both ways...and basically army crawling, or rolling to get where he wants to be
-has a HUGE belly laugh---so cute!
-loves eating solids....I was starting so slow with them, but the boy just LOVES to eat!
-Still drinks about 6oz except before bed, he takes more...and like a champ he sleeps through the night
-He is a HAPPY HAPPY baby (very different from the colicky baby he was in the beginning) he just goes with the flow and only cries when he is tired or hungry

We went to 2 Easter Egg Hunts---Brayden was a little frightened by the Big easter bunny, so I had to go with him. He had fun at the hunt...and as you can see he was most excited about the awesome sunglasses

Just having some fun...

We had our friends over to dye eggs...Brayden and I got a little MESSY...but they sure did have fun and turn out cute!

We hosted Easter today! It was our first holiday at our new house...and it was a success! Both kiddos napped through Easter lunch....but of course Brayden woke up in time for carrot cake! Brayden hunted for eggs---but before they could go in the basket...he had to open then to make sure he wanted what was inside! Funny guy! Marshall was as happy as ever. We had a great time visiting with the family and celebrating the day. We tried to capture a few family shots...but you will see how those went..(its hard with 2!)