Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marshall's Baptism and Daddy's Birthday Weekend

Its been a while...but my goal is once school is out to blog once a week...I am really going to try! The weekend of May 20th we headed to southern Illinois to celebrate Marshall's baptism. While we were down there, we enjoyed seeing our family and friends...we even headed to Eckerts and Brayden did a looking cooking class...and had some animal fun! Little Marshall was just happy as you can tell in his pictures. Our great friends Erin and Mike made the drive down...and we are so glad that they agreed to be Marshall's godparents. Here are some pictures from the weekend...
Me and the boys...
This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, was a great and VERY BUSY weekend... Little Marshall is a man on the go...he is crawling---belly up now---although he goes faster if he goes back to the army crawl. But he can now crawl up the out world! We also celebrate Aaron's birthday this weekend---we got him a MAN fridge for the garage. We did a TON of yard work...thank goodness the Jeffords were here to help...I am pretty sure we have filled 35 plus yard bags...and we still have more to do..... Aaron and his dad built a huge sandbox for the kids....Brayden LOVES it...Marshall is not sure yet...but I am sure it won't be long. We had a great weekend....even though--both---yes, BOTH kids are fighting Hand foot Mouth---I really HATE that stinkin' virus!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy half birthday to Brayden--April 14th...he turned 2 1/2 -weighs 36 pounds and is 38 inches -LOVES TO TALK---he is a bit of a motor mouth...and CRACKS us up with what he says -LOVES diggers, dirt, trains, cars---really anything with wheels....also would love to LIVE outside....he loves. loves to be outside -so active...runs, jumps, does summer saults...he is a mover! -completely potty trained----no pull ups---even at night! -Has a strong personality---good at times...and even harder at other times -so stinkin cute and smiley! -And LOVES you will tell from numerous photos!
Just some fun shots...
Happy Half-Birthday Marshall!!!! April 26th at 6 months...he is 20 1/2 pounds and 28 inches...a BIG boy (Never posted 5 month stats...but they were 19 pounds 26 inches...its been a while since I was on here :) -army crawling, up on all fours ready to take off any day -sitting...and sometimes can even get up to sitting on his own -LOVES to eat! -trying to hold his bottles -loves to make this "clearing his throat" noise to get our attention -IS SO HAPPY!!!!!! Seriously he is all smiles, except when he is hungry or tired...and who wouldn't be!
Big Trucks...Brayden was in HEAVEN!!!!
While I was getting ready for work one day...this is how they were entertaining each other---so cute!
Happy Mother's Day...the boys really took good care of me!