Thursday, June 28, 2012

catch up

We have been enjoying the summer so much...of course it was my goal to blog at least once a week...and well that has just not been the case. We have been busy swimming, going on bike rides and walks, going to the park, the library, play dates, etc... I just love hanging out with the boys (although...I won't sugar coat it...there have been some ROUGH moments along the way too) Last week our family was in town from we got to see Dave, Nate, Gracyn, Michael and Lucy. We headed to Polo...yes, what brave grandparents---they let us ALL stay with them! And then the crew headed back to our place...we had a great time. Here are some pictures from the summer so far...

Loving the sand box

Daddy love
Sprinkler fun...

When we made it out to Polo, we went to Town and Country the kids liked the carnival and later the adult went back for some much needed refreshments!
Watch out...crazy kids on their motorcycles!
Trying to catch a fish...we did not have any luck though...but Gracyn and Michael caught one
The BIG slide...
Snugglin' with a goat

Showing Papa the diggers they got from the John Deere was a BIG hit
Marshall and Gracyn

All 5 grandkids
Singing and Dancing and Playing in the rain
Lucy and Brayden splashin' in the puddles
A scavenger hunt
The Boomers game...Aunt Natalie hooked us up with some popcorn...a crowd pleaser
Handsome Dude
Boomers Game...only Gracyn was brave enough to hug the Boomer

Marshall and mommy

Group Hug
Silly Michael
2 naked boys in the pool

Smiley--little Marshall just turned 8 months.  He is a big happy boy...really he is just filled with smiles unless he is hungry or tired.  He is on the move...crawling a mile a minute, pulling up on everything and has even began to walk behind push toys.  He is ready to be on the move!  He loves to eat solids...we have not found something he does not like yet.
Too many cooks in the kitchen
A couscous mess...but he sure did love it...
Brayden headed off to school...aka Mommy's day out...he is really loving it...the 3rd time was a charm today---no tears!!!