Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer...

As summer was coming to a close, we had to squeeze in every last ounce of fun we could. We went on a trip to the zoo with our good friends, Traci, Ellen and Anna...
Yep...the tiger was VERY close!!
Playing some music
Another trip to the Khols museum...
Watch out crazy driver...
Painting...he loved it...
Takin after his grandpa

All smiles...I just LOVE these boys!

Tool Time...they love their tools!

Marshall loves drinking from a glass...
 MORE FOOD please...
 Yep...there is self-induced puke on the ground....we have been making Brayden take a bite of everything on his plate....here is how the brocolli ended....
 First day for mommy going back to work :( there were LOTS of tears....but here are my handsome little men...

 The guys first race...they did great

 Go Daddy!
 Great finishing time!
 Brayden got an early birthday gift...he LOVES it...we have a video we need to post...
 Happy Birthday Pa-pa!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pirates Cove

Yesterday the boys and I went to a little place called Pirate's Cove.  We had a BLAST!  I think this ranks up there with my most favorite days of the summer.  Brayden had so much fun riding on all the little rides...and little Marshall and I, got to ride on a train and even go down the slide together.  It is such a great place!
Here is Brayden riding/pedaling a train---we went on this multiple times
 The Dragon Slide, its a tie between this, the train and the boats as for which was his all time favorite...

 Aaayyyyy Mates...
 A picture from when we all rode in the front train car together....we could not have been any closer!

 Another slide....this is the one that Marshall and I raced Brayden down a few times
 Brayden drove (aka used his hands to pedal) the boat all around....he was too cute!

 Digging for some dirt, while we are waiting for Brayden to finish up on the boats

 Taking it all in...

 The last ride of the day...yep, thats Brayden on the bench seat with his arms sprawled...we had such a great time!  Arrggggg

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few two-year old funnies...

Oh the things a 2 year old says....just wanted to share a few:

-Occasionally we will ask Brayden if he would ever want another baby brother or sister (not that we are having another, that decision has not yet been made) but he replies "No I want to keep this one" while pointing at Marshall
-We made zuchinni bread from a zuchinni in our garden, and as he was eating it, I reminded him it came from the garden, so he says, "Mommy we eating dirt?!?!?"
-"MOMMY I have a BIG terd"...this he yell every where, kids have no shame!
-A personal favorite...is when Brayden looks at me and says..."Mommy you so pretty, you're like a barbie"
-He constantly tells objects AKA the dragon slide today at the park, "Have a good day.  Take a good nap...we will see you later"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We are still here....

We are still here....just so behind in blogging!  I can hardly believe that summer is coming to an end...next week I head back to work.  I will miss my kiddos like CRAZY...but we have enjoyed every second this summer...
Marshall loves playing cars...and really is just a HAPPY guy!

 Brayden has now been wanting PRIVACY when he is using the potty....
 and well Marshall is NOT a fan of that!
 While Aaron was on his Annual Baseball trip, my mom, sister and grandpa came to visit...we had a GREAT time!  Here are some pics from their trip...

 It's always nice to have laundry helpers...now if they could just do more of that help part...

 Marshall loves being in the kids dish drawer
 A trip to the Children's Museum with our friend Becky...we had a great time

 MERRY Christmas in July....we celebrated in our old neighborhood...Roscoe Village

 Parents get-away...Grandma and Grandpa Jefford watched the kiddos for us, and Aaron and I headed to Galena for an Anniversary getaway...we had a great time

Anyone need a ride?  We somehow always end up with a BUS in our kitchen
 The kid LOVES to eat
 Hey Mom....I can stand all on my own!!!!  Thats right folks, he can stand on his own and walk behind a push toy....is just a matter of time until he is on the move independently
 Garden Goodies....moments before he grabs and bites into the tomato
 Craft time
 Back in the city to visit a family from my mom's group---we have managed to keep in touch even though they have moved to PA....they have Ruth (who is the same age as Brayden) and then Clif (who is the same age as Marshall)

 He snuck a feel....little stinker
 We took a trip to the Lincoln Part zoo...highlights of the day--the tractors and monkeys

 Our friend Kelly met us there...and it was Elle's first trip to the zoo
 Brayden rode the train all by himself--but loved it