Sunday, September 16, 2012 and apples!

Last Tuesday was a BIG day around here...Brayden started preschool!  He is in an early 3's program at Maple Park through our park district here in Palatine.  He was SO excited to go!  Here he is getting measured on our milestone wall

 The little guy is always close by :)

 Before we went to preschool, we took the boys out to breakfast at our favorite little place...Grammy D's.  The first day, Aaron and I got to go with Brayden to was like a mock we just went for an hour and ran through what a typical day would be. He had a little bit of a hard time...there was a few times that he tugged for us to be sure we were close...but I am pretty sure that I had the most tears of the day....I just cannot believe that our baby is in school!  Time sure goes fast...I am excited for him and LOVE watching him grow...but I also love having him by small and cuddle!

 He was not completely sold on Tuesday...and then Thursday when I dropped him off by himself, he cried pretty hard...(but so did I)!  I am so excited for him...I know that he will LOVE it...I actually already knows that he does, because he has been playing preschool at home!  It is so cute...he reads us books, writes on his easel, teaches us letters and sings us songs---Marshall is not always an attentive student...but we have fun!
Today--we needed to celebrate the start of fall with apple picking!  We went to a small family owned apple orchard and had a great time...and came home with a peck of apples, so I guess mom needs to get baking!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day weekend!

Just a typical morning, before school...the small fry and big cheese...and yes Brayden wore that fleece penguin hat the whole day in 90 degree weather!

 Over Labor day weekend, we headed out to Dixon to visit the family.  We had a great are some photos

 Marshall has been sorting shapes, staking those rings....and right after this picture...took his first 2 steps!!!! He has taken a few here and there...but is still not sure about the whole walking thing...
 Marshall first time trying the famous Cincinnati chili...
 Everyone's bellies are full and happy...
 The aftermath of Cincinnati chili and applesauce...he LOVED every bite...and I guess he was trying to save some for later!
 Loving on Great Grandma---Gigi
 Who knew Wheel barrow rides could be SO enjoyable...the kids just loved it!

 The boys are getting geared up for the game on Sunday....Go Bears!!!!