Monday, July 15, 2013

Thing 3!

Ahhhh...thats right things are about to get even crazier around here....thing 3 is due January 12th!!!  I made these t-shirts for the boys....trying to be creative announcing another baby :)   I love Brayden's picture in this first sums it all up....
But we used this one, to share the news with family and friends....
 During our mini photo shoot, I snapped these too....these cute, silly boys!!!
 Brayden making Marshall's face into a sandwich....ughhhh...this happens all too often
 A little love....
As for telling the first Brayden was like "oh, ok, another baby"....and then the questions came..."where is the baby" (in my tummy) "how did it get in your tummy" (hmm...we are not ready for that talk, God put it there)  "can I see it" (not really)  "where will it sleep" (in the nursery)  and then....he said well it is a sister and I will name her Mia (where this came from, I have no idea!) ...and she will sleep with me so I can hug her  (oh so sweet) but then I had to tell him it may very well be a boy, a little brother, and he keeps saying NO...I want a sister....but if it is a boy...I will name him onion....oh the things kids say!!!
As for me....this has been sick and tired and ughhhhhh....but I think that this is God's way of telling me, this time is it!  We are very excited and nervous and probably crazy!  I do not want to find out this time (we waited with Brayden and found out with Marshall) but Aaron is dying to we will see what happens!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

We had such a great time on our family vacation!  This year we were gone 10 days....quite a long one....a little too much driving for me....but we squeezed in a ton of I am glad we did it!

Our big destination was Gulf Shores, AL....Aaron convinced me that Atlanta was not too far out of the way...but now I know, I was easily tricked (I need to get better at directions!).  However, even though it added an extra day of travel for us, I am so glad that the boys got to make their first baseball game such a special one!  Aaron and his dad are HUGE Braves fans (hence Aaron...after Hank Aaron) it was so special that all the Jefford men/boys got to go to Turner Field to celebrate Father's Day.  Here we are walking in...

The Jefford Men/Boys...

While we were there, we told Grandma and Grandpa Jefford about baby 3...surprise!!!!

We then left them in Atlanta to enjoy their mini-vacation...and we were on the road again.  Poor Marshall and mommy both had car sickness...and both broke in the van....but Aaron and Brayden were troopers about it.

We made it!!!!!!  (For some reason all my land pics uploaded and then beach pics---so these are not in any order...but will do)  The first night after we walked down to the beach of course (and both kids jumped in with their clothes on) we headed to the Hangout for dinner, music and fun in the sand.
Fried pickles...this kids love pickles and loves dipping
The world's biggest milkshake....good thing I only ordered one to share....

The sand tunnel
Our little pirates
Dancing....Brayden loved the music and Marshall loved the band

What a good morning view

One day we headed to The Track....the kids had lots of firsts....rides for Marshall, bumper boats, arcade and Brayden even got to ride a go-cart twice
He did not want any money inserted....just wanted to pretend

Ready to Drive....
He loved feeling like he was in the movie Cars

Tacky Jacks one night...

We were able to see family while we were there too...and they spoiled us with delicious local seafood---boiled shrimp, potatoes and corn and key lime pie

A quick family photo
Not sure who loved this shark store more...Aaron or the kids
We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary while we were we went out to a nicer dinner...and even had dessert....since no celebration is complete without cake

Then we went to Lulu's to play

The last day we went to a Pirate and Princess Breakfast....Marshall totally wanted to be in character...Brayden not so much!

See him hiding from the pirate....
Breakfast ended with a treasure hunt

relaxing in our condo
The main event....the BEACH!!!!  The kids (as well as Aaron and I) loved the beach!  The water was great and the sand was white and warm.....ohhhh, I just miss it thinking about it!  Brayden was a complete fish....he would swim all day...Marshall like the water....but much prefered if he could find a hole in the sand to sit in :)  Silly guy!
We had a pretty good routine...every morning we would go to the beach after breakfast and swim for a few hours....and then pop into the pool to rinse off before nap.  Then in the afternoon, we would have more beach and pool fun...or we would be off for an adverture

Brother Love (for a quick minute)

Digging another hole

Brayden tried boogie boarding....and Marshall took rides on it....

A little boy gave us all these crabs he caught....the boys and Aaron thought they were great...I thought they needed to be tossed back!

We loved the beach...Brayden is already asking if we can go back....I wish we could too!!!
The last stop on our trip was Franklin TN...we stopped there since its halfway and we could see Grandma Ann :)  She met us and was able to stay with us for a we could share the news of baby 3 with her too!  We had frozen yogurt and park time....

As fun as vacation was....with kids its a bit of a work even though I miss the beach...its nice to be home :)