Sunday, September 15, 2013

A quick update...

Here is baby 3 at 22 weeks...I remember with Brayden doing a picture each week, with Marshall maybe one each month...and with this baby...this is the first pic :)  Here is to 3!
 Morning around here are CRAZY...but I managed to catch a few shots this past week...the boys got these cute shirts from grandma (handmade by her) and appropriately little monsters

 The boys are REALLY into coloring these days...they cannot get here is a 630 am coloring session

 Being funny...they wanted to match 2 days in a row (not the norm around here)
 We took the boys to see Planes on a rainy day a few weeks was Marshall's first movie and he loved it!
 We also went apple picking last weekend....seemed early and a little warm, but we really enjoyed it!

 One little guy could not enough apples...and the other...he wanted nothing to do with eating but was ALL about picking!

Yep still eating...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day with Thomas and back to school

This post is out of order....but it will do.  The weekend after school started, we went to see Thomas the Train.  We did not tell the boys where we were when we got there they were SUPER excited!   Marshall LOVES choo-choos and Brayden likes anything that we REALLY enjoyed the day.  We got to go on some old trains....some with sleeping cars and TONS of toilets, played with trains, colored, got tatooed, and best part was we rode on Thomas!

 Marshall LOVES vegetables...really one of his favorite foods is broccoli...and now that he has discovered corn on the cob...he cannot get enough!

 We went to the Arlington Racetrack...great day...I am not sure if Marshall loved the tractors or horses more...and Brayden, well he liked the shade and snacks
 A playdate with some of Brayden's old-preschool one point there were 6 of them on this!

 Happy first day of preschool Brayden!!!  We celebrated with a cinnamon roll breakfast...

 Cheese!!!  My little man...not looking too little...don't let this smile fool you, he kicked, screamed and went crazy for about 45 minutes when I began to leave...but after a few minutes of mom being gone he was fine...and now he LOVES it!
 Marshall was excited to spend a day with mommy...we went to woodfield mall...played at the play place and went to Rainforest....
 Here is the little preschooler in front of his school...
 At school....
 We also were lucky enough to have grandma and grandpa come in when mommy and daddy went to baby #3's ultrasound.  It was a long appointment, I had to do an early glucose test (since Marshall was a giant baby), but it came back great, had a check up, and the BIG ultrasound!  We did not find out the sex...even though Aaron really wants to know....but just in case he wants to know...we have it in an envelope upstairs...still sealed :)  While grandma and grandpa were in town, we celebrated grandpa's birthday!

I cannot believe that summer is over and we are working on getting back into the grove.  Marshall and Brayden are both doing so well with the new sitters....and the days that Brayden goes to school and Marshall goes to the sitter...they are too sweet to each other in the car.  Brayden reminds Marshall not to cry and tells him he will miss him, and Marshall blows kisses and waves like he in a parade.  And at the end of the day, you would think they had not seen each other in is just too sweet!!!!  On a side note, Baby 3 is 21 weeks...and everything is looking good!