Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dear Marshall

Dear Marshall,
Happy 2nd Birthday little man!  I can hardly believe that you are already 2...but in some ways, I feel like you have been doing things that 2 years olds do for quite a while now.  For your birthday book, we got you The Little Engine That Could....because to me, that is who you are.  You might not be a BIG 2 year old in terms of size....however you do not let anything (or anyone for that matter) stop you from doing what it is that you want to do.  You have drive and perseverance....and "no", well that is just not an answer for you.  And while I think that this is such a great can sure make things hard at times!  Like the other night, all you wanted was juice.  And I guess I could have given in....but I had already told you we could have it with you could have water.  So after a 15 minute debacle, I hand you water...and what do you do?  Pour it out all over the table right in front of me, while saying JUICE!  You little stinker!  You do the same thing, if we try to help you take your shoes and socks off, or heaven forbid, we buckle you----you want to do it alone!
On a different note though, You have the world's best smile.  Seriously, I wish I could bottle up the amount of happiness that I get each time you flash it at me....and you sure know how to use that smile to your advantage!  You are generally a really happy smile and laugh at everything....and besides wanting certain things to go your way, you are actually a lot more chill than other kiddos (maybe like your brother...)
Talking about your brother---you could not possibly look up and adore anyone more.  It is so cute the way that you watch him and want to do EVERYTHING that he does.  You like to snuggle up to him (during the good moments) and have him read you a book.  You two are finally starting to get the hang of playing with each other....however, 10 minutes into building legos together as a team you turn into the hulk and smash it all down.  But I guess you are just making up for all the times that he stole your toys when you were smaller.  The two of you make a great team....but like any team, you have your good moments and rough moments.....but I could not be happier that I know you will always have each other.
You love to be outside and you are fearless.  You get up on a bike or your scooter and you take off.  At the park you follow Brayden or the other big kids, and you are off on the play structure doing things that some 4 years olds have not mastered.  You still do not have a ton of words...and sometimes this is frustrating.....but I know that they are coming!
You LOVE music and singing.  In music class you are quite the ham.  You go up to other kids and their parents and want to play and sing and dance with them.  You love helping out in class and LOVE ring a round the rosy...sometime you even get upset when it is over.  You LOVE Thomas the train and choo choos, as well as cars and trucks and diggers...I guess because they are on the go, just like you.  You have just started getting into watching a show every now and then....but it must have something to do with a choo choo or a wooo wooo (firetruck).  You are a GREAT eater....sometimes you would rather eat your veggies instead of anything else on your plate :)  You are a social butterfly...seriously I would not be surprised if you end up in politics one day.  You make new friends each  new place we go...and being shy---well that is not you at all!  You love to say hello and good bye to each and every person we see!
You bring us SO much joy and happiness.  I love watching you grow each day and learn new things.  I love watching you with that sparkle in your BIG blue eyes.  You smile melts my heart and I love that you still love to snuggle.  You are very affectionate towards the baby in my love to give him/her kisses and I pray that you feel the same, when he/she arrives.  I know that you will be a great big brother...not only do have a great one to learn from....but your caring nature will make you a great big brother naturally.
We love you Marshall!!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brayden my 4 year old

Dear Brayden, on the eve of your birthday....
How in the WORLD are you already 4?!?!?  Wow...time really does go by quick.  You are growing like a weed....seriously....I think you have had numerous growth spurts this year (you think that word is SO funny) and at this rate, your talk of wanting to play basketball with the Bulls may come true!  You are tall and solid....but hey that's good for a boy!
Not only have you grown so much have grown so much emotionally and socially.  Your tantrums are mush less frequent and shorter lived (this is a far cry from where we were this summer).  You understand consequences for your actions, so we are making strides in that area.  I enjoy watching you play and interact with other kids as well as play independently.  The other day, I sat back and watched you play with your superheros, legos and was eating the other and the superheors were saving each other....but I was just in awe of your imagination and the way that you can play independently and so creatively!
You have also become an expert bike rider (with training wheels) but you can do it...and well....and now our walks to the park have transitioned in to rides to the park.  I LOVE watching you help your brother....which is becoming more frequent.  I love watching you "read" to him and love when you give him advice and tell him what mom and dad want him to do. You have developed a love for angry birds, star wars, superheors and ninja turtles....and made it clear that somethings (like princesses) are just for girls!
You have a great always have....and I love to hear you laugh!  I love that you are beginning to get a little embarrassed when you toot...and you want to make sure that I don't tell your teachers or friends that you do that....however in the privacy of our own is not holds bars, in that regard.
You love going to school---even though the first day was really hard---each day has gotten better and better.  I love looking at the world through your eyes----so innocent and so amazed by everything that is so new.  I will never forget the day that you came home and were so excited because you played a game about a duck and goose at school (duck, duck, goose).  You are excited to share what you do each day---you found out that you like honey crisp apples and that you like to play dominoes.  You love to learn....and I love to watch you learn new things.  You are great at making crafts and are obsessed with coloring and stickers currently...seriously we have to limit the amount of stickers that you use daily.
You LOVE the is one of your favorite places to go...and before we leave, you have to have to time to read each book.  You have really turned into a little boy....fearless on the playground, ready to get dirty and take off on your bike or go at any time.  You have found a love for pizza....pepperoni...and could possibly eat that and salami and cheese everyday.  Some how you discovered Scooby Doo....and now that is your show you want to watch in the morning....such a good throwback!  You still DO NOT like to be stylish....and I am not sure if you will ever want to wear a colored or button shirt....but that's is okay!
You are very sweet and will still snuggle (when you have the time or need a massage/back scratch).   Sleeping in....well that does not happen for you...I relish the days that you stay in bed until 6am....but you are still napping each day (and when you don't it shows).
I love you so much...and thanks for letting me read to you tonight, those sappy birthday books that I must read each year...."On the Night that You Were Born" and "Ill Love Your Forever"  you were so sweet to not complain even though every other word I would sniffle and tear up....and of course you cracked me up, when you asked me why I was sad and why I had a dirty face (my mascara streaks)---I am not sad, but love watching you grow (but with each growing and exciting new moment, I get a tiny bit sad that my baby is no longer a baby....even though.... you will always be my baby).  I Love you!!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little men....

A few weekends ago we went to one of our friend's houses to celebrate their daughter Anna's birthday. It was a beautiful day....and the kids had fun!  (As did we)  Here are a few pics that Will, Anna's dad, took....they are just so handsome!