Sunday, November 24, 2013

Special Guest...

A few weeks ago we had a special guest...Eeyore!  He was with us for the weekend and the kids had fun taking him everywhere with us.  We had to write about his adventures with our family in his journal and then Tuesday Brayden got to share his class with the story.
Here is Brayden showing him his Star Wars Sticker book
 Marshall never takes this hat off..silly guy!
 Eating pasta
 We even went to welcome Santa to town with a firework display

 And after hit up Red Robin...where Brayden fell off his chair and ended the night with a giant egg on the back of his head....however there were only minimal tears---nothing that a little ice cream could not cure
 Here they are coloring
Fun times!  We sure are loving preschool!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

October Celebrations

October is SUCH a busy month around here...2 birthdays and Halloween=a LOT of fun but far too many sweets!  However...we did really enjoy all we did (and indulged in)

Brayden turned 4 October 14th...and he is very into Legos right we went to Legoland for his birthday.  There was a huge Star Wars lego area...he loved it....but was a little spooked by the life size lego statues....there was no way he was going to get close to Darth Vader :)  We had a blast....we saw a 4D movie and the kids even got to ride rides there...although I had to sit out since I could not go with a lap bar (darn big belly!)

Chicago-Lego style

Aaron and Brayden checking out the Jedi or storm troopers...or something Star Wars...not really sure what they are called...
Mommy, Marshall and Darth
Since it was getting close to Halloween there were some cool Halloween things...the kids got to learn how to build a scare crow out of legos and see this giant pumpkin
The boys both got scooters for their birthday gift...and they are a hit!  Brayden was a natural....he hopped on and took off and of course Marshall was not far behind.

Grandma and Grandpa Jefford came in to celebrate before they headed off to California....and lucky for us, that just meant more cake!

The morning of Brayden's birthday....of course our cinnamon roll tradition...

And lucky for him, his birthday fell on Columbus I had the day off so we could celebrate more at the park....

For preschool on Tuesday (the day after his birthday) Brayden was in charge of snack to celebrate...and he wanted to make monster snack he decorate these Mike faces (from Monster's inc) and wanted to include in his little treat bags stickers....since he is obsessed with stickers (no joke)

The following weekend....even more celebrating...we had a friend and family party at Didier's Pumpkin Patch.  It was a blast....we all went on a hayride....and rode ride.  There were about 10 families---17 kiddos---and grandma Ann, Beans, Roger and Great-Grandpa all came to celebrate the fun!

Angry Bird Star Wars
Thomas the Train

Our Little Pumpkins

This sums up how much fun we had....
Then it was time to prepare for Halloween....we did a trail run at the YMCA...since it was predicted to rain on Halloween.  So Friday evening, we headed to the Y and the kids got to trick or treat and do all sorts of activities at the Y

And the next morning....Oct 26th....little Marshall turned 2!  Here he is super pumped for his cinnamon rolls....

Since Marshall is so in LOVE with trains, we took him to the choo-choo restaurant to celebrate...not sure if any of you recall, we tried to take him last year....and we got all the way there and it was closed....thank goodness we did not have a repeat of that this year!
So excited....
Special Delivery
And then....the last one....Erin and Mike (Marshall's godparents came over on Sunday to celebrate with him)

Talk about spoiled and very celebrated...these boys live it up in October...all I can say is...thank goodness baby 3 is not coming until Jan....because I am still pooped from all these parties :)
We did our best to carve a pumpkin....however living in a house of all males and me, I would think at least one of them would want to help me....but oh no....Brayden said there was no way he would touch the gross stuff, Marshall ran off and Aaron said that he really did not know why we needed to carve a pumpkin each year---to which I replied...its tradition and you just do!!!  So mom....did her best....

My try  of Mike from Monsters Inc...per Brayden's request
And lastly....Captain America and Thomas....ready for Halloween!!!!
And the weather man was rained....pretty much all night....but we still braved it...we went with a little girl, Eliza.  Her grandma, Carol, watches the boys 2-3 times a it was fun to go with friends....

Counting the loot....
After we dried off....and dried our costumes by the fire....we headed back out to Anna, Ellen and Owen's for a chili party...
It really was a FUN month....just VERY busy....but I sure do love celebrating my 2 little men!

We also did their 2 and 4 year check ups...and here are the stats...
Brayden 44 lbs. 8 oz (94%) and 42 1/4 inches (88%)--still a BIG boy!!!
Marshall 27 lbs 8 oz (44%) and 33 1/2 inches (35%) but if you could measure his mighty will, he would be in the 100+%!!!