Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Dixon and we had quite a bit of snow...and the boys LOVED it!!!!!  Grandpa and daddy pulled the boys....and grandma and I took photos (I did not last too long, since my coat won't zip these days).  I was not too good with the I really did not take many pictures of the boys and the grandparents.  We enjoyed being in Dixon...but we wish that we could have had happier celebrations...we all lost a good man, a great family friend Terry---who gave Aaron the name Pisscutter (and Marshall is walking in following those footsteps). So while we were there, we visited with Terry's family and celebrated the life of a man who will be missed much....

Before heading back to Palatine, we stopped at GG's place.  The boys were super excited to see her and visit her.  Brayden just loves GG (I'm sure Marshall feels the same way---but just can't tell us yet).  But as we were leaving Brayden said, I love visiting GG...I am really going to miss her :)
Telling her the scoop about Anakin
Merry Christmas EVE!!!!!!!  The boys got all spiffed up....and we headed to church and then had our traditional meal of Cincinatti Chili and homemade cinnamon good!!!  Everyone goobled up a yummy dinner and then we opened one gift..and it was a hit!!!  The boys got lego fuzzy crocs and loved them!

Then we snuggled in our jammies and watched our favorite "Polar Express".  The boys do not move a muscle while the show is on...they are GLUED to it....and Marshall (poor Marshall) cries when it is over...and just says choo choo, choo choo....
The boys decided that Santa needed juice, milk and not cookies---but the cinnamon bread and then carrots for the reindeer

And even though we were all excited for Santa to come in the morning, there were LOTS of tears about Eddie the Elf leaving.  It broke my heart....Brayden was SO sad that Eddie had to leave to go back to the North to help comfort him, we took a picture and printed he could see Eddie all year long...
Bright and early before the sun even rose....we were up and at em....I think all the gifts were opened by 6:30 am!!!!  The boys were so excited and it was just so fun....

Brayden got a Monsters Ince Scare factory and some monsters as well as a Darth Vader mask.  Marshall got a pirate ship and some pirates as well as a race car track.  Of course they got a few new clothes and socks and books....but the toys were the big hit!

Brayden made us multiple ornaments as well as 2 "handprint" towels that are adorable....I am planning on framing one of them...

Once again....bad with the camera, grandma and grandpa Jefford came in the afternoon and we had a delicious dinner of lobster and steak!  Yummy!!!
To wrap up the Christmas holiday we headed to the Botanical Garden to see the Winter Wonderland is just an amazing train experience....

And before leaving we took in the lights....

A very Merry Christmas 2013!

Here I am at 35/36 I am over 38 weeks....but just a little update on Baby 3...
Currently, they estimate the size as 7 we will see this Saturday what they think about if they will induce a little early or not--the due date is Jan 12.  The heart beat has ranged from 139-160.....hmmm...that really is quite a range.  I am feeling pretty good....but some days are rough and I really love naps these days!  We have still stayed strong (although on a few occasions I have almost given into temptation) and we have NOT opened the it will truly be a surprise in just a few days.  We finally bought diapers and found all the newborn is still not washed....but it is found.  I am dying to know what we are whenever this little peanut is ready....I am too!!!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

More MeRry Fun!

A couple weekends ago, we had 2 families over that I met in my mom's group in the city---we are lucky one family lives super close (only a mile----how fun, they ended up in Palatine--and we are able to see them quite a bit) and the other family moved back to PA (where they are from) but they were visiting and all of us were free to get together for brunch!  We had a full house of 8 kids and 6 adults...but it was so fun and to think that the older kids have known each other for 4 year....thats pretty special!

Here they all are...won't it be fun when there are 9!

 One of our Advent activities was to make a gingerbread house.  Parts were very fun (and other parts---well caused 4 letter words to run through my head).  The boys were good and liked some parts....but when the whole thing fell apart, the roof collapsed, Marshall threw handfuls of sprinkles all over the floor multiple times, they both smeared icing all over the table while eating way too much....not to mention Brayden was crying because it fell apart....there was a small (okay maybe BIG) part of me that asked myself why do I do this every year.  Note to self---get a preassembled one next year. did turn out pretty great in the end
 Last Saturday, we headed to breakfast with Santa.  It was great.  The food is great (and no cooking or mess at our place which makes it even better), there is no line/no waiting to sit with Santa, and the kids made crafts.  And the end of the event, there was a magician....he was super funny....and really picked on Aaron :)   Brayden was amazed that he could take off his finger----he is still asking how he can do it!

 I would like: a monster scare factory, all the monsters, and a Darth Vader mask....
 I'm not sure about this guy...
 And he still was not.....but I think this picture is pretty priceless!!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas

Before we left for Thanksgiving, the boys treated me well for my birthday.  We went out to dinner---and everyone was well behaved (which is the best gift a mom can ask for) and then they spoiled me with new boots!

 We headed to Belleville this year for Thanksgiving...since travel is hard at Christmas but will be even harder this year since we are less than 5 weeks away from welcoming baby 3.  Aaron and Brayden ran in the turkey Trot race...they both did great...and so did Roger who ran as well

 Some of us just tried to stay warm on the sidelines....

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  The proud winner sported his medal....we had a great meal with the family at John and Carols complete with birthday cake!

 On Friday night we headed over to Joe and Jenni's and we lucky enough to have another turkey was great to see everyone and the cousins were SUPER cute together!!!

 This Tuesday we decorated our tree.  Putting the tree up this year had to be done in stages....we have just been so busy and these kiddos make decorating an interesting feat.  And Tuesday was nothing short of that....Marshall is becoming more and more he is a little pistol!  He ripped all the beads off the tree and proceed to whip Brayden with them.  Along with that fun behavior, he also ripped ornaments off the tree and stomped on a this was the first year we had broken ornaments to deal with.  However....when we were done (and by done I mean put like 10 ornaments up) we put the kids to bed and finished the rest.  Here are a few pictures...we tried to capture the good moments so it looks like it was a warm, fuzzy event...but now you all know the truth!

 Wednesday night Brayden's preschool had an Advent Celebration at church.  The kids did an AMAZING job....I was a little worried about Brayden....he HATES to wear anything but tshirts...however he sported his sweater with a bribe of only 2 kisses.  And, there were no tears about going on stage....and folks, he was front, center on the top riser.  He did a great job....he did the hand motions and was singing all the songs.  I wish we had a better zoom, or a video camera....but we did the best we could to capture it.  

 The star of the show!  On a funny note...Brayden was very secretive about the songs that he was going to be singing...he would not tell us what they were.  Well...for the last few weeks he has been running around the house singing something that sounded like "Beer Nuts, Beer Nuts, Don't Be Scared" and Aaron and I were both wondering where this song came the performance they all sang "Fear Not, Fear Not, Don't be Scared---a song about not being scared since God is always he really butchered those lyrics :)

 Friday St Nick dropped off new slippers and pjs for both boys!  They were pretty pumped...and they love looking for Eddie the Elf each morning!

On a side note...the boys have been successfully sharing a room for a WHOLE week now.  It still takes a while for them to fall asleep....but it worked!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!