Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We headed to our annual breakfast with Santa event.  As always it was a great time with our friends...a yummy breakfast, crafts, meeting Santa and a magician....

Santa time

We made a gingerbread house...and thank goodness that mommy remembered to buy the preassembled one this year....everything went SO smoothly, nothing broke, no bad words raging in mommy's mind..it really was fun!

 Cinnamon rolls for little Haddie's 11 month birthday....we were a little later eating them...sometimes it just works out better to wait until the weekend.....but never the less, we all enjoyed!!!
 This year we went to the Morton Arboretum for their Christmas lights...Illumination...it was amazing.  Some of the lights are motion/hands-on activated....here the boys are hugging a tree making it change colors.  It was a pretty awesome light display, not to mention it was about 50 degrees that night!

 Our whole family wore silly animal hats....

Here is little Miss Haddie....just being happy!!!!
 Cookie time!

 They turned out great and tasted even better

 Hadley helped from a far....

 How I LOVE our 2 weeks off...I just love being at home with the kids....here they built a magna tile tower for baby Jesus and his crew
 they listened to their books that Grandma Ann and Great paw-paw had recorded too
 Christmas Eve....we headed to 3pm mass and after had a special dinner of cincinatti chili and homemade cinnamon stolen

Its tough to get all 3 kiddos to look at the camera!

 Christmas Eve dinner....

 A cute real gingerbread house given to us as a gift....
 into everything!!!!
 We let the kiddos exchange gifts they had picked out and bought for each other...they were so cute and appreciated the gifts very much

 Haddie hanging her ornament

 Christmas morning!!!! It was a long night on Christmas Eve...little Marshall was sick all night....so the morning festivities were a little delayed but once we started we all loved celebrating!!!!  We must have been good, because Santa sure was good to us!  We of course sang happy Birthday to Jesus and had left over cinnamon stolen to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas

 It sure was fun this Christmas getting a mix of nerf guns, legos, garbage trucks, princesses, and baby dolls!  It is so fun to watch the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes.  I am a little sad its over, I loved seeing thm look for Eddie Elf and the Star each morning.  I loved reading parts of the bible each night that went along with a link for each day of December leading up to our Savior's birth. Christmas really is such a wonderful time of the year.

On Christmas Day, Grandma and Grandpa Jefford came in for the night...we had another great celebration and such a yummy steak and lobster dinner!

 This dress that Haddie wore on Christmas my grandma made for my sister for her first Christmas....it was so stinkin cute!

 We went out to Dixon on Saturday to see GG, Aunt Reena and Jaron.  Too many stories to be told on here.....but lets just say it was quite and eventful trip....a sick baby, tired kiddos, a hard cookie that led to a lost tooth!  But we got a few pictures through it all...it was great to visit!

 And then we were lucky enough to see little Sadie and her parents Lisa and Andrew before they headed back to Boston.  These 2 little girls are only about 5 weeks apart...and just too cute!