Thursday, February 20, 2014

A little late...but one month

Aaron took the boys out in the snow....Hadley and I watched the boys from inside...they sure had fun!!!

 One month went quick!  We went to the DR (of course that picture is on my phone...I will have to do a phone photo dump one of these days) but she weighed in at 9 pounds 7 1/2 ounces (57%) and was 22 inches long (74%).  So she looks great!  The DR asked if I had any questions...but really she is a great baby (fingers crossed it stays this way) it was  a quick easy visit and no shots!
 Look at all her hair...she came out with a ton of blonde hair...and it just keeps coming in...
 What life looks like around here...
 Hadley is starting to smile more and more....and we are eating it up!  It is just impossible to catch one on camera

 On Tuesday and Thursday, we miss Brayden while he is at school....but it is nice to have a different dynamic (no screaming over sharing) and a little Marshall time...and he never fails to crack me up...he made a napkin hat during lunch one day....he is a silly, happy guy and cracks us up...but his 2's are totally starting to shine through (which are not shiny, fun moments)
 The other day while I was cooking dinner and we were listening to a little T Swift....I just stopped for a moment and took it all in....I just love these 3 so much and I love being home with them...and I am trying to soak in every to help me...I snapped a quick shot of what they were all doing...
cars and trucks
 Snuggled up in the carrier
 reading star wars
 Happy Valentines day...we celebrated complete with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and heart pizza

 The Sat after Valentines day, Aaron and I went out with Miss Haddie, on a date night.  It was great to go to dinner and enjoy my other love :)
 Snuggles on Sunday monring
 Funny faces

 Don't let her fake you out...she is a good baby....but she is now wide awake and loves to be held...not put down for a second (no real complaints about that, except for I cannot get anything done around here)

 Marshall loves to cover her up
 Attempted to get that smile....

 Life is good!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Catch up...

It's been while since I have here is an update of what we have been up to!

Grandma Ann had to leave...we all cried and were sad...but we were so HAPPY to have her here for almost 2 weeks...I think that is the only way that I am making it now...she kept me sane while I was adjusting to 3!  Since she has left, not much gets done around here in terms of cleaning, laundry, etc...but we are so blessed that our friends keep bringing us meals :) so no one is going hungry!
 It puts into perspective how little Miss Hadley is....she is super protected by these 2!
 Here is Haddie's first bath...she actually likes the bath

 Snuggled up and passed out after eating and a good warm bath
 Brayden and Marshall have been SO good to Haddie.  Brayden loves to talk to her and see her eyes open.  The other morning he read his Star Wars book to her....but would get annoyed if she would turn her head...he wanted her to pay attention.  He is pretty gentle with her....and I think that she is teaching him to be more patient....since her needs need to come first.
 Wild Thing!

 More heart to heart conversation....I think they are already plotting against Aaron and I!

 Sleepy one
 I am LOVING being at home!  I am not going to lie...there are SUPER HARD moments...where I just want to find a happy, quiet place or times when I just want to pee by myself with the door closed....but overall I am loving being home.  Everyday the boys and I do crafts, read books, and play, play and play.  We have been doing legos, cars, hide and seek monkey, Star Wars, fire fighters, grocery store, name it, we play it!  The hardest thing is that we are cooped inside the house....all it does around here is snow and it is WAY too cold for Little Haddie to be I may begin to attempt outings soon...but for now...we enjoy playing/trashing the house!  And I am enjoying seeing these smiling faces all day!

 Popcorn may notice that they are both without clothes...and yep, thats the norm...they love to be naked...and a perk for me is less laundry!
 Watching her sleep
 Grandma had sent these excavation that was a fun project one day...we dug for treasures/rocks.  The boys had fun!

 Grandma and grandpa Jefford came to visit...on Grandma's of course we needed to eat cake and celebrate!
 It was also Hadley's 3 week the ladies got in some snuggles

 Hadley is good at tummy time...she really has a strong neck.  The boys like to call it yoga time, so sometimes we all do tummy time with her and throw in some yoga moves.  Marshall loves to be close to Haddie.  Ever since I was pregnant with her, he has been so affectionate towards my belly and now that she is here, he is the same way.  He calls her Haddie Ho...which is supposed to be Haddie Rose.  He loves to kiss her, he loves to give her his blankets and says Awwwww when he looks at her.
 The boys as I mentioned are so sweet with her...but they also LOVE to give her things...see at the top...those are Marshall's blankets, then they trow some stuffed animals in with her.  I am always finding legos, pictures, books, animals and more snuggled in with her....nice that they are sharing (at least for now right?!!?)  And yep...her bow is over her eyes...they do not like the bows I put on her...
 They love to hold her finger too...notice again the lack of pants...I am not kidding folks, I think the kids could go for a week with 2 outfits...since they wear them for about 5 minutes tops over the course of the day