Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 month happenings

2 months old...and LOTS of smiles!!!!
Little Haddie is already 2 months old (actually a little over by now)....but she is just still sweet as can be....and SUCH a good baby!!!!!  She is a good eater...and sleeper.  She loves watching her brothers, sitting in her little bouncy chair and laying on her play mat.  She has started to smile SO MUCH...but it is impossible to catch it on camera....little stinker!  We have been on a few longer car trips...and she rocks in the car too :)  She weighed in at 11.6 pounds (53%) and 23 inches (76%).  
Here she is....I almost caught that smile!

 Best big brothers....

 We are ITCHING big time for some warm since we were stuck inside, we washed our cars.  The boys had a blast...who knew, shaving cream and water could be so fun!  This keep them entertained for over an hour and no bickering! Quite the accomplishment!
 She could watch them for hours (if her little eyes would just stay open for that long)
We took our first overnight trip...and headed to Dixon to meet great grandma and hang out with grandma and grandpa Jefford before they headed to Africa for safari...we had a great time.
 Meeting G.G.---everyone was all smiles!

 Four generations...

 Stretching and snoozing after the trip...
 Morning smiles
 and more napping....she is all wrapped up in Marshall's old miracle blanket....we just love these things!
 Brayden has been learning about nursery rhymes and fairytales at school...he made this knight helmet, a dragon, himself going up a beanstalk and tried to put Humpty Dumpty together with glue and band-aids....and of course the little guy had to try it on for size too!

 Haddie getting a little company on her play mat

 Marshall is a LOVER of all animals....but he LOVES these 2 squirrels that have become our "pets".  When my mom was here...about 8 weeks ago or so....the kids and her fed the squirrels left over bits of bread...and well....we have kept it up...and now the squirrels tap at our windows/glass is so cute to see how excited Marshall (and sometimes Brayden) gets when they come.  The kids named them Nutty and Broccoli (2 of Marshall's favorite foods).  I tried snapping some pics, but its hard...but you can tell that the squirrel just sits right up and the window and Marshall looks and talks to him

 Cinnamon rolls on Haddie's actual 2 month birthday (its a tradition around here to do cinnamon rolls on birthdays and half birthdays, but we are now celebrating her month milestones too with them!)
 2 months
 Counting his money
 How I just LOVE THEM!!!!

 All dressed up to go to the DR....the appointment went great...super healthy...but 3 shots

 Last weekend we went to Make a Messterpiece....the kids create all sorts of things with paint, glue, food and was a blast

 Brayden and his good friend Anna

 Blue Man Group Style

 Banging on drums with paint water...thats why they needed the rain gear (and yep--Marshall is in pink pants....and is not bothered by it one bit)
Things are pretty great here....just hoping for a warm up, so we can take all this energy outside!!!!