Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 1/2 and Easter

 Our little Brayden turned 4 1/2 this month!  At 4 1/2 he is in 6 clothes--usually sometimes up and sometimes down.  He loves school, legos and riding his scooter!  He is really maturing---there is less whining and more sharing, which is great!

 Here are the boys sharing with Haddie

 Happy Easter!!!!  We made it to church and had family and friends over for an early dinner. We were very excited to see grandma, grandpa and gigi.  Here are the kiddos enjoying the festivites

It was a beautiful day here, so we soaked up the sunshine!

Attempts at family photos....

Haddie has really figured out the hand thing---she loves batting her toys

Deep down, I would love to be a great photographer---so here are a few of my tries (but I think I should stick to my day job still at this point)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 months and pre-Easter festivites

Someone is 3 months old!!!!!

 Big smiles!!!
 Grandma Ann came to visit us this past week and weekend...we were busy but sure had a lot of fun!  Thursday mommy and Brayden went with his school on a fieldtrip to the zoo (pics to come later) and then on Saturday mommy helped run an Easter Egg grandma helped with the kids!  Here they are all dolled up in their Easter gear from grandma....everyone had a great time!

Little Miss Haddie turned 3 months...time is flying around here!  At 3 months she is still a super great eater...about 5ounces each feeding....and we still "wake" her for a dream feed at 10pm and then she sleeps until almost 6am...pretty much a rockstar!  Naps are a little tough around here...she really does not prefer to nap in her crib or pack and play...she prefers mommy's we will work on that!  She is super happy and giggly!  She loves looking around and is entertained by the boys!  She has found her hands and those are the best things around.  No rolling over yet....but you can tell she wants to soon!  She is still in 3 month clothing.  She weighed in at 12 pounds 11 ounces (47%) and measured 24 inches (74%).  She is healthy and happy and we just cannot get enough of her!

 Dying easter eggs....the boys did great and Haddie was the supervisor....they turned out great!

 Easter Bunny cinnamon rolls....looked a little more like bears than bunnies....but still yummy!!!

 I'm pooped!  So much fun with grandma!!!!
 Easter Egg Hunt before Grandma Ann left

 Finally got a little pink bath towel....she can sure rock blue though!