Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finally Summer around here....

Over Memorial Day weekend, we got to see Little Sadie and are Sadie and Haddie holding handing....I think they are friends already!
The girls held hands while the boys enjoyed brunch...
Daddy's Birthday!!!!!  Daddy turned 33 (we had to celebrate a day early, since I was headed back to work on his actual birthday---and we all knew the water works would be on).  So here are some pics from our celebration....  Brayden wanted to get daddy a star wars shirt like we did!  Along with some other running gear

We also made him an angel food cake with fresh strawberries and homemade whip yummy!

On May 29th, Daddy's birthday, Brayden had his last day of preschool (for this year----he will still be in preschool next year).  He has grown so much since the beginning of the year....socially, academically, and physically!
Of course little marshall needed to hop in the photo too...

Here are some pictures from the ceremony...the kids sang, there was a slide show...and of course I cried!

Miss Raupp

Mrs. Heller
Proud Parents
After the ceremony, I had to head back to work :(  Needless to say, it was an emotional day.  I was home for almost 5 months (actually over 5 months, if I count winter break...and I LOVED IT).  But it was back to work for 11 days....we all survived, but I am PUMPED to be back home for the summer!

Little Haddie (just about 1 week shy of 5 months) tried rice cereal....she was not too sure about it, but the boys thought it was amazing to watch her eat!

This is Asher, his mom Stacy (along with her husband and/or sister) watched the kiddos while I was at work....they were in good hands...and these two really enjoyed eachother

One happy lady!  She is now 5 months...weighs in at 17 pounds and  26 1/2 inches long.  She had a great growth spurt!  She has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado (not a fan) and last night tried banana and LOVED it.  She rolls like a little rollie pollie....never still.  She loves babling, yelling and looking at her brothers.  She is holding objects and is just so stinkin happy all the time!

My loves

Trying the bouncing seat

LOVING the WARM weather