Friday, July 18, 2014

The 4th and Hadley is 6 months

Hadley...she is ALWAYS this happy and smiley....she really is the sunshine in our day

 Not too many moments like this....

Happy 4th of July!!!!!  We had a BUSY but wonderful 4th of July weekend.  Meemaw and Papaw came to visit us and help mommy with us, since daddy was pretty busy helping with the bands at the festival....

Here is what we were up to all weekend....

I still cannot believe that Brayden rode on this....numerous times....but he LOVED all the rides....

Brayden and Anna

Little Miss Liberty

 Our firecrackers...its so hard to get all 3 kids to look and smile at the same time!

Again....this time with Tyler

 Marshall's favorite ride was no surprise...the choo-choo

Good friends

 This balloon ride started all smiles and ended with Marshall in tears....just a little too scary for him!

 Happy Birthday America!!!

 Parade Time

Loving the little diggerman

 Notice that pouty lip---he always has it out!
 Pure Joy

This little lady loves to EAT!!!  Pea, green beans, apples, peaches, avacado, banana, sweet potatoes, squash---she loves it all!!!

 And the boys....they LOVE legos!

Happy 6 months Hadley Rose!!!!!  I really cannot believe that my little girl is already 6 months old....time needs to stand still for a bit!  She is just so happy ALL.THE.TIME.  Haddie loves watching her brothers and trying to touch them (soon will come stealing their toys).  She sleeps pretty much 7-7.  She loves to eat food as I mentioned before...and she still take a bottle about 5 times a day.  She loves to be held and talked to, sang to and read to.  She loves to ROLL!  She is a little rollie pollie.  She has figured out how to move in a circle and get where she wants to get. She is trying so hard to push up on all fours and I know its just a matter of time before she gets moving.  She can almost sit up on her own...although she still falls forward or over.  She loves her jumper and loves to put everything in her mouth.  She likes to be on the go which is good when you are the third.  She is just such a good, easy going baby.... 

 On the move
 Trying out a sippy cup

 Last weekend was a big baseball weekend for the Jefford family!  We hit up a boomers game on Friday night, since it was Star Wars night.  Brayden was a little unsure about meeting the troopers but quickly changed his mind when he saw Marshall jump in and say hello

First pitch

Meeting Chewie...Marshall had to give him a high five and talked about it for days after....

 Then on Saturday Brayden and daddy got to go to Brayden's first Cubs game.  Atlanta won and they had a BLAST!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Headed South

The weekend of June 20 we headed to southern Illinois to visit family and have Haddie Rose baptized. On Friday we went to Grant's Farm...the kids had fun, but it was a little warm and humid....gotta love that St Louis humidity!

 Feeding the goats sounded like a great idea...hence the smiles....but when it came time to go in with the goats there were quick screams and tears....feeding them from the outside seemed to go A LOT better....

 Notice his pouty lip
 Which was turned into a smile once he got out of the goat pen....

 A fun ride on the carousel...

 Quite possibly their favorite part....the mister fans

 Lunch and FREE beer....

On Saturday, June 21,  Haddie was baptized at our family church in Belleville....St Teresa's.  The day was beautiful and of course, she was so good.  Her great-grandma made her this adorable outfit....and of course the baptismal gown too (which was my mom and grandmother's wedding dress, and each of the boys wore it as well)

We tried to get a quick shot of the 3...but someone is always not looking or making a silly face :)

 Marshall wanted one with just his sister

 The ceremony---we were blessed to be surrounded by our family

 They were thrilled....

Not even a little cry while the priest pored the water on her head..she actually smiled

 My cousin Louis is the godfather and Ashely stood in for Natalie (Aaron's sister) who is the godmother...this little lady is in good hands with these families

The grandparents

4 generations

Tried to capture a quick one of her in her gown

 A few family shots before we headed back North....a little one was not you will see....