Monday, August 18, 2014

End of July and beginning of August

Here is what we were up to during the later part of July and early part of August....where oh where did summer go?!?!?!  We had a BUSY, BUSY summer....filled with SO many fun trips---both long ones and day ones....I just cannot believe summer is almost over!!!!
Lincoln Park Zoo

What a view...

 Snuggles and Love....Brayden loves giving her kisses and getting her to giggle
 The Marsh-man

 Hiding to do his business....just go ON the potty already!!!!!  He is SO ready to go on the potty....I mean he tells me the minute he goes....wakes up drive from every nap and in the morning, but the kids wants NOTHING to do with the potty!!!!!!!  Ughhhh!!!

We had a surprise trip from the Dobbs...we got to meet Everett and see Asher

 Our fun and BIG adventure to California!!!!!!  At the end of July we flew---all five of us---to California to see Aunt Nate, Uncle Dave, Michael, Gracyn and Lucy.  It was a fun we are at their house

 And then we all headed to Donner Lake (Tahoe) was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  We swam, went to the beach, caught crawdads, went paddle boarding, kayaking, on an awesome nature walk to a hidden lake (after a crazy, dirt road, where the hell are we going route), rode scooters, and really just enjoyed nature and family!!!!  We had some crazy moments---I mean 6 kids, 8 and under, all together under one roof....serves to be fun and well as Brayden's falling into a creek and pooping in the woods, Marshall barfing all over this beautiful deck....and many other stories but all in all fun times and great memories!!!!

 When we got back the fun continued....we had to get in an annual trip to Pirates Cove!!!  And this time, we were lucky to have Griffin and Kendyl join us

And hit up a street fest in Arlington Heights

 Brayden was laughing so hard, and so was Haddie when he was shakin' his bootie at her....
 And how in the world, did my little baby turn 7 months?!?!?!  She is still the happiest little girl around...she loves to eat, she has even tried Mum-mums and puffs and thinks they rock.  She seriously smiles all day long....but sadly at night, she no longer wants to be rocked all the way to sleep....she kinda likes to do it on her own.  She is a mover....she rolls and is squirming on the floor....she is starting to push up off that belly and get in crawl mode a little too fast....