Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to school and Labor Day

Haddie's face sums this up....ughhhh I do not want to, but I guess I will since I have to....

So, its back to work, school and the babysitter for us around here.  I have been off since December (with the exception of working 10 days, one in January before I had Haddie and then 9 in June).  So I have basically been a stay at home mom for about 8 months...and loved loved loved it (99% of the time of course, you moms know there are moments that are HARD ie...3 screaming kids, no naps, meltdowns, world war 3s over know what I mean) but truly I embraced being home.  I loved carpooling and play dates.  I loved just being home with my kids and jamming some days filled with adventures and activities and others just seeing where the wind took us.  Stay at home moms...I know your job is tough, I feel like I got a good feel of it....and well working out of the home moms...I am back to being one of those....that is super tough too.  I cried the whole first week and still periodically about leaving my kids.  People tell me, "Its good for them, they will love it, grow independence" and while I know all these things are probably true, it still is harder than heck to leave these 3.  So with are are first day back to reality pictures....
 First day at the sitter
 Meet the Teacher...Marshall is doing a parents day out preschool 2 days a week at St Peter's
 Brayden is doing 5 full days of preschool at St Peters

He was SO excited to get back to school.  There were no tears or anxiety on his part the morning of school (the night before is another story---he was so sad that summer was over and so was I....we were a mess) but on the 1st day of school he was all smiles from the time he left until he got home...all he kept saying was I LOVE GOING FIVE DAYS!

Hey mom....don't forget about us...

At school...ready to go in!
 His friend Lucas

Marshall starting school on Thursday....same tears from him (only mommy)  He loved school so much, that he cried on Friday when he had to go to the sitter, he just wants to go to school!

 No more pictures mom!
 Putting his name up for the day
 We made it....a week and a half....Labor Day...long weekend!!!!!!  Clara, Joe and Jenni came to visit fun!!!!  We went to Navy Pier---rode some rides, had lunch on the pier, and went to the Children's museum

 First Ferris Wheel ride...Brayden wanted to ride with Clara

 The Children's museum was amazing!!!!

 Sunday we had the Hinshaws over to BBQ...all the kids had a blast.  Uncle Joe made yummy!!!!  Love these 3 day weekends!!!!!