Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Photo Dump

Get ready...this is a BIG picture drop....October has been fun-filled....lots of birthday activities and Fall fun!

Soccer....Brayden started off not too sure about the sport, but now is sad it is over...he really started loving it!

 Arlington Heights Open House at the FireStation...they LOVED it!!!  Just so happened this was on the weekend that Aunt Beans, Grandma Ann and Great Grandpa visited so they came too!

 Loved the weather

 Yep, that is right....he can ride without training wheels and has very few falls!

 While the family was in town we celebrated the boys's brithdays early and headed to Legoland!  It was a HUGE hit!!!!!  We went on rides, saw the 4D movie, raced lego cars we made, and went into the lego factory

 Later that day the boys got to open their gifts and have cake!


October 14....Brayden turned 5!!!!!!!!!!!  Here he is that morning having cinnamon rolls!!!!!
He celebrated at school and then when we got home too!

 That Friday night we had a big pumpkin decorating night at St Peters....we headed out to dinner first with some friends and then had fun decorating our pumpkins!

 Saturday October 18th....Brayden had his BIG first preschool BOYS only, drop off party!  That is right folks, we had 13 boys over 4-5 years old and only 3 moms stayed! The party was Awesome and all the kiddos had a blast.  We made special creations, had a lego tower building contest, made mini-figures and did spoon lego races!



 And this little girl slept through the whole thing and when she woke up, she was all smiles!
 We headed to Lamb Farm with some great friends the kiddos loves seeing and feeding all the animals, the went on the merry-go-round and tried a little putt-putt golf!

 This cracks me up...Anna and Brayden were pulling on the utters....thinking it was super funny!
 Haddie on her first carousal ride
 My skeletons and little pumpkin

 This Friday we headed to Trunk or Treat since Aaron and I will be out of town on Halloween....since he will be running the NYC marathon!  So here are our SUPER heros!

 Saturday we had a birthday party for Ellen and we could not have had better weather for a hayride!

When we got home, I craved a pumpkin (I say I because even though it looks like I have helpers, no one else will touch the goo on the inside!)

 Today....Marshall turned 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here he is in all his glory....cinnamon rolls in the morning , a party at the FireZone and then opening gifts!  Needless to say all the kiddos were out by 7 tonight!


We sure do LOVE October....but we are busy!