Friday, January 9, 2015

Haddie is ONE!

Oh where, oh where has my baby gone?!?!!  Little Miss Hadley Rose is ONE today!!!!  
One year ago, we were so excited to have our family grow....I really thought we were going to be bringing home another little boy and Aaron thought for sure, you would be a girl....and he was right!  I remember being in labor and were kind of a stinker and really did not want to make your grand entrance, but when you did....and the DR said, "Its a girl", I screamed and cried....and then told them to check again.
I feel like it was yesterday that we were just bringing you home (still in shock and awe, that we had a little girl) and I sat down with your dad and grandparents, had a cup of coffee and just felt so complete and at ease.  I mean don't get me wrong, I was so scared too....I mean 3 kids, four and under is a CRAZY undertaking, but I felt so happy and so complete....and knew that God would help us through and he sure did.  Hadley you are such a blessing and joy.  Talk about an EASY, textbook baby----that was you. You ate, you slept and were VERY rarely fussy....of course we had hard days....but you were SUCH a good baby!  I remember consulting the baby books, and you would do exactly what they said a baby your age would do.  
Your brothers are madly in love with you.  Marshall reminded me again today that he is going to marry you and he loves to give you kisses.  Brayden lights up every time he plays with you and holds you...I know that you will be one well protected little girl!  
You have gone from such a sweet newborn, to a joyful baby and now you are becoming more curious and adventurous.  You want to keep up with your brothers....if I do not watch you close, you are ready to climb on anything and want to take off up the stairs (which of course you have already mastered).  You have taken about 8 steps at one time....and love that we clap and cheer for you....but then, you go back to crawling....and I must say I am quite alright with rush to grow up!!!  You love to clap and wreck everything your brothers are building..I think you may have a wild streak in you!!!!  Since you are my last baby....I am really guilty of not pushing a sippy really only want bottles....and to be honest, I want to keep holding you and giving them to are just such a cuddler when you eat!  And for the only use it at night, but I am such a softie with you, I'll probably let you keep it until you are 20 :) if you want too.  
Hadley, you are such a daddy's girl....and let me tell you, you have him by the heart strings too.  He always tries to beat me to the punch, putting you down at night, because its so nice to have that quite time to read with you and snuggle....and lets be honest, you are a sinch to put down.  You have slept through the night since about 4 months and continue to sleep longer than your brothers every night.....oh if you could just teach them!
You love to eat....and eat love all fruits and veggies, cheese, yogurt, puffs, and more....the only thing you are not too crazy about is meat...but hey thats alright!  Just today while Marshall and I were baking your and Marshall enjoyed a few handfuls of really do like sweets like your mama. 
Last night, as I read you "On the Night that you Were Born" I really was in shock (and of course tears) that a whole year has gone by.....and I cannot even remember what life was like without you in our family.  Having children in such a blessing....but the fact that God has given us 3 amazing children....and is allowing us to help you each step of the way....and watch you grow, change and learn things is such a blessing.  I love being your mommy....and as sad as I am that my little baby girl is growing up way too fast, I sure am enjoying watching you grow each step of the way.  I love you little Haddie....I am sure that your Grandma Rose is watching you grow too...and maybe she is partly responsible for your good behavior, wild side and sweet tooth too!  Happy First Birthday!
Here are some pictures from Haddie's first birthday party in Belleville...