Thursday, February 19, 2015

A little snowy update has been SUPER cold here!!!!  I think since January I have only worked one full week....its almost like I have a part time job....and no complaints about that!!!!!  I have loved the extra days at home with the kiddos (although I am going to be super sad in mid-June when I am in school and the pool is open).  The only hard part about being home in this we really are stuck inside.  We of course venture to the grocery store and the library....but activities really are limited when its -10 out!  And with all the crazy measles outbreaks in Palatine, Haddie has been on lock down---luckily she just got vaccinated yesterday so that is good!  Poor little lady was not feeling so great today after the vaccine, so she got lots of extra snuggles today!
Here are some random shot from what we do all day when stuck inside....our outfits get interesting at times!
Oh Marshall...undies and slippers....gotta love his style! This little guy grows in smarts and personality every day.  He is so smart and knows how to work it.  He loves to snuggle up and read....and loves to make me "cry" in order to get kisses.  He loves little Haddie....they are going to be a dynamic team and also I can already see the disagreements brewing!

 This little oh man...I think he grows overnight!  He is getting so tall and just is such a loving and kind kiddo.  He loves to tell me about his day at school and loves to read stories and talk about Jesus.  Everyday he draws pictures of our family and Jesus.  He LOVES school and his teacher and his friends.  He is sensitive....but with that comes a great personality with care and compassion for others.  The other day I had a terrible day at work and I was tearing up (ok crying...) and he told me the next morning on our way to school that I should really ask the person who made me upset and cry to be nicer, and that they should apologize to me.  I know that as parents we always worry about what we are doing to our are we helping them grow or are we messing them up???....and little words and glimpses of what they are thinking shows us that we are doing alright

 Sweet little Haddie....the funny thing about this kiddo, being the third she is very possessive and jealous....if Marshall or Brayden is sitting on my lap, she will come over and pull their hair, push/shove and cry until they get off my lap.  She does the same thing to Aaron and other select adults....she wants the attention!  Little DIVA!
She also said her first word, beside mamma and dadda....we were looking at a book with ducks...and sure enough...she said duck!!!!  And it happened numerous times, so I know that she said it!  She still wants a bottle....and I still give in....I will stop....but for now, I need her to stay little.  She still goes to bed super easy...but still has a sleep sack and pacifier....we will see how long Aaron lets her keep it....but he is getting soft with her!  She loves to get into EVERYTHING!!!!!!  She is a tornado....she loves her brothers and to destroy everything that they are trying to accomplish!
 The kitchen is her favorite place to be....she loves it!  I keep trying to give her dolls to play with and she pushed them away and goes for trucks....the life of a girl with brothers.  But she might be a domestic goddess later in life 
 Valentines Day...the kiddos love getting all the cards in the mail and making their valentines for school.   Luckily I was able to take the day off and go to Brayden's party at school and read a book to the class.  I love being able to be active in their school!
 Fort Building has become a common event EVERY night...and Haddie loves to get right in there with the boys.  Of course they get frustrated and angry at her for butting in....but she can hold her own!  One tough cookie she is!

More Valentines!
 A little birthday gift from her new friend Violet

 And more valentines!

 Somehow we managed to make valentines day cookies....although last week was crazy busy...but I must confess I bought the dough and did not even roll them out into hearts as I planned....but we frosted with with pink icing and used I would still consider it a success!  And we LOVED them!

 Our valentines that the kiddos made to pass out!
For Valentines Day, Hadley and I headed to Belleville to see Colleen, grandma and great papa...we had  some special birthdays to celebrate.  She had a rough time on the first half of the trip...but after dinner did great.  She was amazing the whole time we visited and soaked up all the attention.  The boys had SO much fun together---soccer, pizza, a date with friends...and when us ladies got home they had dinner, wine/milk, and flower for us!  We are lucky ladies!