Friday, March 27, 2015

March Update

Seems like all I can seem to fit in blog-wise, is about once a here goes a long post with a lot of pictures!
Brayden wrapped up soccer earlier this month...he played on Friday nights and LOVED it!  He played in the fall and did not totally get it....but this time around he was all about it!  We are gearing up for Tball this spring and both boys are in swimming as well!
Here are some soccer shots from his last night...I got to go out on the field with him for his last practice for a little parents vs kids game....

 The cold, cold, cold weather has kept us inside pretty much all month.  We had a few days where we were spoiled....and we totally took these are some random shots of us trying to stay busy inside
 She LOVES shoes....she is so funny....finally we caved and bought her a pair of her own....and she never wants to take them heels yet....just rubber soled with sequins

 Marshall wrapped up his second round of martial arts and we signed him up for his third round set to start later in April.  He sure does like it....although sometimes he wants to drink water instead of kicking and punching....

He got another stripe on his belt

 And then........all the happiness turned to a sick, unhappy 2 started with puking from this little one, then the boys had ear infections and then we rounded out week 2 with more puking from Marshall and Haddie and some other messy stuff too............Praying we are through was a LONG 2 weeks!

 We found them this way....
 In the middle of the sickness was St Patricks Day...the rallied long enough to walk in the parade and then crashed again after

 They also tried again to catch the leprechaun with the trap...but no luck...he got away and left a mess of lucky charms and some green pee in the toilet.  He also made a HUGE mess at Brayden's school!

 So lucky to have these 3!!!!

Someone is always being silly!!!!

 Round 2 of sickness!
 This week was spring break...and although we did not go anywhere or do too much we had fun!  We played some letter bingo, saw a drummer at our library, saw a juggler at another library, squeezed in some playdates with friends, and hung out with our neighbors.  We also got ready for Easter....we made cookies and decorated the house!  We also got to go to Chick Fil A for a little play zone time and to end on a sweet note, today we got to go to Spunky Dunkers for donuts!

I just LOVE being home with me....many moments are not big smiles like this....but when it makes it all worth it the hard moments!!!

 We also tatooed ourselves up!
 He has been really grouchy lately.....
 Not this one though!
 She loves to read

 And get into everything!!!!!!!!  She is such a daredevil....she climbs on everything and wants to do everything that her brothers do!
 I could just stare at her sweet little face all day!!!
 We made Easter cookies...and together these 2 are trouble!!!

My favorite shot of her in the cabinet....she will be my helper in the kitchen!!!

 Marshall loves baking and he is rolling out the cookies

Lego towers.....

 Making forts

 Here are our cookies after Marshall and Brayden decorated them...they did great....I pretty sure they ate their weight in icing and sprinkles in the process!
 Painting time

 Today we did a little Spring "photo" session....this was my dress (or my sister's) when I/she was little.  Hadley looked adorable in it!!

We are looking forward to more spring temperature and Easter!