Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter, half birthdays, and 15 months!

What a wonderful time to celebrate!!!  We had fun preparing and talking about the real meaning of Easter.  The boys are learning so much at school...I love that they come home and tell us about God and Jesus...and their love for Him.  Sometimes when I am pretending not to listen...I hear them sining songs they have learned at school....and they are always quick to share a prayer or tell us a bible story that they have learned.
Here are some pictures from by far the WORST egg hunt ever.  We went to a Flea Market (which by the way is a terrible place to go to with 3 kids) and they were each only allowed to pick ONE egg....this was upsetting to them....but in the end we all giggled at mommy's BUST of a hunt!!!

 Later that day we dyed eggs....after a few cracked eggs and 2 containers of coloring hitting the floor....we ended up with some pretty eggs and BIG OL' Mess....but you know....that is part of Easter, dying eggs!!!

Since we were pretty much at home for spring break, we headed to a water park in Rockford before we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Easter.  The kids LOVED it....Marshall still asks me daily when we can go back.  They went on every slide they could as many times as they could.  Haddie was a little unsure at first of the water, but by the end, she was just as much as a fish as the boys.  I cannot wait until pool days this summer!!!

 Brayden could live in water....he loves the pool!   Both the boys are in swimming class right now....Brayden is RIGHT there....sooooo close to being able to swim with strokes on his I think by summer we will have a good swimmer....and Marshall, well he likes to splash, drink pool water and bat his eyes at his cute teacher!

We went to Dixon for Easter....I of course needed to make up for the sad egg hunt the weekend luckily they had one.  It was WINDY....but it was fun and they scored a ton of eggs!!!

 Checking out all their loot after the hunt!

 While we were in Dixon we celebrated Scott and Kate's engagement party and then of course on Easter morning, the bunny left eggs and treats all around for the kiddos!

 After church, the kiddos hunted more eggs....and we tried getting a picture...but with 3 someone is always being silly or looking the wrong direction....but we tried!  And they we all  looking dapper and happy!

 The little Miss Haddie and her grandma and grandpa...

 The weather was so beautiful....we played outside and we were lucky enough to have lunch with GG..  Brayden loved climbing the tree, Marshall and Haddie loved playing and being silly

 And then just like that 5 1/2
This guy is five and a half!!!
He is doing great in school....knows all his capitals and about half his lower case letters...however, I think probably more than that now :)  He has started to read BOB books and is really asking about spelling I can see an interest.  He still loves legos!  Now that the weather is nice, he always wants to be on his bike and scooter.  He is playing Tball right now...and Aaron is coaching...and he loves playing and talking about the fact that he had to get a penis protector...too funny!!!  We are looking forward to his first game on Saturday.  He is still a picky eater with meats and veggies....but we are sure trying!  His mind is a complete sponge...anything that we say he we must be careful with what we say!!!  He is doing great at school....and we are so proud!

 This little lady is 15 months...almost 16 months...and I just feel like time is on fast forward.  She is getting so big!  We have taken away her was a rough three days....but now she has no problems with it!  She loves to play kitchen and tea....but NO dolls...I will have to work on this!  She also loves the train table, stealing the boys toys and hiding in the boys closet for peek a boo!  She is a pretty good eater...although she is also getting picky with meats and veggies.  She also is not a big milk drinker.  He favorite food by far is raisins...the girl could live on them!  Her new thing is waving and saying Bye Bye....she also has a few words that she can say...mama, dada, duck/dog, wa wa and specific sounds for marshall and Brayden and likes to show us her belly!  Even without a ton of words, she can sure show us what she wants.  She is sweet as ever....and loves to be read to---especially Pat the Bunny.  She also loves bath time and loves to pick out hair bows each morning and then hand out everyone's coats and shoes!
15 month stats: 21 pounds, 30 1/4 inches both about 44%

 And this little cutie is Three and half!  He might be small but his BIG personality makes up for that.  He can smooze anyone with his big blue eyes and big dimple smile.  Marshall is a pretty easy going boy...but he sure does have a loud whine and quick talking back style which can be hard from time to time.   I am hoping that he grows out of the whining and screaming....three can be a hard age.  This kiddo is a great eater.  Sometimes at night, he will ask if he can have carrot and ranch before bed...and who can say no to that.  He also has developed a love for peeing outside with Brayden...I swear every time they head outside, they need to pee---together!  Just the other day, he dropped his pants in our driveway....what sight for traffic!!!  Marshall loves to snuggle and cuddle and gives the best hugs.  He loves anything boy---trucks, sand, dirt, bugs, get the picture.  Just the other day, he had been playing in the sandbox....snuck through the house to the front yard, turned on the hose and made mud...just because he likes mud.  He later proceeded to wash his feet in the sink in the house....and well you can imagine what a mess that was!!  He loves going to school---I think not only because he is 100% in love with his teacher but he is also such a social little guy!