Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Great weekend

This weekend sure was a great one!  We had visitors....Grandma Ann, Great Pawpaw and Auntie Beans!  It was so great to see them...and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather and fun activities...
Brayden had his first Tball is Coach Aaron
 Brayden started out playing first base
 the fans enjoyed the game, playing in the dirt and of course some snacks

Brayden up to bat

 Playing third
 The kids play three innings and all the kids get to bat and then they switch or up to an hour...whichever comes first.  We got to play all three innings and it was fun
Then up....BIG TRUCKS....Marshall had been waiting for this event for over a month (however, tired from being sick the previous week, not sleeping well and a long morning of tball...the day ended for him in tears and he did not want to climb up in many trucks or tractors) but here are a few pics from the event
Marshall in the garbage truck...he loves garbage trucks

Beep, Beep
 And of course....Haddie had to get in too...I think she had the MOST fun at the event!

Checking it all out

With Aunt Beans
 Driving the school bus

 Sitting in the scooper of a digger

And Little Haddie had to check it out too!

 These two are so cute together and such trouble too!!

 Sunday we just enjoyed the weather outside in the morning...we have an avid tree climber
 And always someone to offer a little extra help
 Playing with mommy's old little people

 Happy Birthday and Mother's Day grandma!!!!

 Then we headed off to swim lessons....

 After dinner we had cake for Grandma Ann's birthday

 We all enjoyed the cake...some of us got VERY messy!!!
 Snuggles and reading after bath with great paw paw

 And a good game of Old Maid