Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer part one

SUMMER!!!!! Finally summer is here...and although the rain and cool weather has not made it feel like summer, we are loving being home and the added freedom!!!!  We have been to the pool almost everyday...the boys have lessons...so we make a morning of it-rain or shine!  We also have crossed quite a few things off our bucket list....new parks, ice cream dates, smores, a road trip....

Ready here goes....there are a TON of pictures!!!!
Haddie and her daddy...she just cannot get enough of him

 and she loves her baby!

Cream cheese....my kids LOVE cream cheese and the pictures are sure proof of that!

Marshall...AKA Dennis the Menace....a troublemaker, button pusher....but hands down the best sweet talking charmer and snuggler around!

 She loves to be just like her brothers...so lets rock Brayden's helmet
 Magna tile fun

We went on a road trip to Dixon to visit family!  We had cousins and Aunts in from ND, Florida, Iowa and other parts of IL....it was so fun to catch up and see everyone!  We played car wash with shaving cream and an impromptu sprinkler party in our undergarments....

The BIG boys in the tree

This is SUMMER.....pure sprinkler fun

 Yep, thats Haddie in there....she loved it...and did not want to miss a beat!

7 of the great grandkids with Great Grandma....our cousins from CA and SD could not make it...and we have 2 more grandkids on the way....not us personally....but our family :)  Don't want to freak anyone out!!!

Notice Asher's pure love for his brother in these next ones....

 Here is another take

Cookie time!!!!!

Then we headed back and Grandma Ann, Beans and great grandpa came to visit us....Aaron and I went to a close family friends wedding in Indiana...so the kids had a special weekend with them.  Here are some pictures from our time with them....we had swim lessons, tball, park dates, smore making, etc....

Haddie and her great grandpa having a tea party


 What happens when someone has had a little TOO much summer fun

 Trying to get a picture of them....but Dennis AKA Marshall was not cooperating!

 Brayden and great grandpa

Strawberry picking...we crossed that off our bucket list!!!  We went with the Hinshaw family to Stade's farm....the strawberries were amazing and the kids had a great time.  Haddie ate her weight (or more) in berries from the field 

 First sample...watch her shirt change as the picking goes on

 Lunch date

This little ray of sunshine is almost 18 months...I love these pictures....I snapped her walking to tball...I feel like this captures Haddie---carefree and happy spirited 

 Loving the pool....such a good sport while her brothers are doing lessons....
 and even when daddy has her sleep in her outfit which was about 2 sizes too small!!!!