Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Summer

Our swimming lessons got canceled twice due to chillier one day we hit up the zoo and the next day we hit up Cosley Zoo..which is more like a farm with some college friends.  It was a great day...the kids loved seeing the animals and each other....and we loved catching up!

 Goats...I think....

 Marshall and Kendyl
 Brayden and Griffin made friends with some older kids so they could play catch

Future EIU!!

 We wrapped up the t-ball season for Brayden with a team party at Barneby's was so yummy and fun to be with all the families!  Below is my attempt to make t-ball cookies
 The coaches giving their speeches and awards

 Hadley is 1 1/2!!!!  She weighs in at 22pounds 13ounces (53%) and is 32inches tall (56%).  At 18 months this little girl is filled with a BIG personality!  She is almost always happy...she loves to giggle and smile.  She is starting to get a little sass and is such a dare devil!  She already climbs all the tall play equipment at the park....she goes up to the super tall slides, and slides right on down like no one's business...I guess that she wants to just keep up with her big brothers.  She loves her brothers....snuggling with them, kissing them....and the wrecking their toys and towers!  We call her the wrecking ball!  Her brothers sure do love her too---even though she can destroy many things....just tonight Brayden and Marshall took turns giving her tummy raspberries :)
Haddie is an alright eater....if she likes it, she will devour it....for example, she eats a whole container of raspberries if given the chance and she has mastered the words fruit snack and cookie!  However, when it comes to meat and most veggies...she tends to steer clear....except smoothies....when she hears the blender she is over with her cup in hand in a second.
Haddie is really trying to talk and mimic everything we's only a matter of time, and I know she is going to get talking and just keep talking!  She loves shoes, her baby, and playing kitchen.  She also loves to snuggle and read books....and I sure love that too!!!

 The tball league had an award we celebrated one more time!

 Here would be a food that Haddie loves....OATMEAL....she tries to get every.last.bite

 Still our lego master
 And dirt magnet...
 Hadley likes to get right in their with him....these were taken at the Race Track...we made it this year....we did not win big, but had fun....somehow these are the only pics I took there
 Here is a little of that sass I was refering to....sunglasses while eating cereal...only Hadley!

 One of Marshall's favorite things to play with is water and shaving here is yet, another car wash...I think he could do this all day

 Finally Marshall's tball is now are some pictures of him playing.  He did really well...he is pretty good at throwing and even though they had him hitting left handed....he got some great hits!!!!

 Sitting in the tree watching Marshall

Stealing a Kiss



Just a few funnies to end the post...
Marshall told me that he loves cucumbers because they warm his belly
Brayden told me that a friend of his "glittered" because he threw his gum down
They both call Aaron out about drinking "beard"
And I am sure they are many more...I really need to start righting them down!