Thursday, August 27, 2015

Door County, WI....our vacation

This year at the end of July to the beginning of August we went on vacation with the Hinshaw family to Door County.  Both of our families were 1st timers to the area.....and man, we have been missing out!  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Only about 4 hours from our home....and we were here.....

The beach at our house was a little rocky....but that did not stop the kids one bit....we soaked up the sun while playing in the water and sand every day.

Just like her mama...she loves the water

 Between our 2 families we have 6 kids 5 and we were busy...but the kids sure do love one another....well most of the time!

Our sand dweller....

 The kids loved the floating dock....Anna and Brayden (both almost 6) would beg to go out there....and by the end of the week they would want to JUMP again and again off the dock

 Brayden is pretty much a fish....he was in the water the WHOLE vacation

 2 dads, a few kids and a dock=a great time

All smiles

No vacation is complete without good!!!

 And some Uno

We went to a fun place called, The Farm while we were there.  It is a farm run by locals...and you just feed animals and pet them.....the first picture shows how close the animals get...and when one is not ready for can be quite a scare.  Luckily, they all warmed up and were holding, feeding and petting all the animals at the end :)


 My animal lover...little Marshall

How he wished he could bring this home with him

Getting more brave...

A little too fearless

 The kids found a trail and took off....

 But left us piles of corn throughout the woods, so we could find them

 The girl loves birds....

Check out this cow's tongue...they thought it was SO COOL...I think its pretty nasty!

More goats at the end...and this time, they were not scared at all to feed the goats with bottles
All the friends....


 Naptime snuggles

 Beautiful sunsets
One day we went on a little adventure to Whitefish Dunes State Park
The sand was white and it was beautiful...but the water was cold and it was quite windy.  The kids still had fun though

 Marshall and I attempted to make a sand spider...

Another day we drove all the way up the peninsula and stopped along the way.  We stopped at a lighthouse, went to lunch in Ephrain at Wilson's (which is an old ice cream shoppe and diner)  and then ended the day by playing in Nicolet Bay.  It really did feel like a "Beach" there---shallow pretty far our, so Brayden spent most of the day swimming out by the ropes

 Our fish

A little ring around the rosey

 A morning dip by our beach house....before we took off for the evening....


On our way to a fish boil, we stopped at a few little shops in Sister Bay and took in the beautiful views...

 Ellen sneaking in a kiss

I tried to get a picture of each kiddo, but some were not as easy to convince as others
 Trying to get 3 kids smiling AND looking at the camera....quite a challenge

More goats, these were outside a goat cheese shop

At the fish boil in Rowley's Bay....the story-telling and boil over were amazing....the food was okay and the kids throwing rocks during the experience left a little to be desired 

A great kids are still talking about the Pottawatomie  As he told the story the chef and his helper would come and put ingredients in the pot...first the salt, then potatoes, then onions and finally fish

After dinner we headed to "Death's Door" this is at the tip of the peninsula where Lake Michigan and Green Bay come together

Such a great vacation with family and friends...