Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still time!

Toward the middle of August( yikes...I am sooo far behind in the blogging world) we celebrated Grandpa Jefford's birthday!  We loved being able to have dinner and of course cake with him and grandma to celebrate his special day!

 She loved the corn
 We took it easy on the candles....
 We wanted to squeeze in as MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE in the last few weeks of summer.  We had really been wanting to go to the Morton Arboretum to see the nature lego exhibit (and of course the beautiful children's garden too).  Brayden and I were in awe with the lego really was amazing!  I don't know who was more into making sure we saw all the exhibits...he or I...but either way, it was awesome!

In a hideout...and no his hair was not THAT long...there is a weird shadow in this pic...

 We meet up with the good to see them!!  The kids had a ball together

 The more we kept walking...the less interested these 2 were in legos....

 This little one, feel asleep before I even got everyone else buckled and the stroller stored
 Then it was back to school time.....this was at Brayden's meet the teacher night.  We baked cookies...since he is going to be such a "smart cookie" with his great teacher.  He is doing full day kindergarten and LOVES it!!!  He loves going to school, loves sitting with his friends and really loves learning!

In his classroom...this year he has a mickey themed classroom (again...)  Behind him is their behavior charts for the day.  They start on Mickey (where he usually is) but if they are super silly they have to move to goofy (this has happened a few times) but if they are super naughty they have to move to the scary monster man (we have not made it there...and I am praying that we don't)

 For our last summer lunch...the kids had cereal in the treehouse...ohhhh how I love shirts, no shoes, kinda no rules

And he is did this happen!?!?!  I just brought him first baby and I had NO idea what I was doing (let's be honest that still happens).  Now...he is off to kindergarten and SO happy about it!!!!  He loves eating at the "BRO" table (how do 5 and 6 year olds come up with this), is learning spanish, loves playing at recess, found a buddy to read Star Wars books with, and asks me everyday when he is going to learn to read....he is ready and eager and I know he will do so well this year!!!!  He already has mastered quite a few sight words and is busy, busy everyday coloring and trying to write words and read to his brother and sister.  Him and Marshall are now making up their own jokes too....SO funny to hear them (not the jokes, just their attempts).  

 While Brayden is off at school every day, we keep super busy here.  I knew I would be busy....but man the day flies by!!!!!!  We had Marshall's friend, Austin, over for a playdate to lessen the blow of Brayden leaving...the had a blast together

Sassy sister Haddie...really that is all I can say.  This girl LOVES to accessorize....ALL THE TIME.  She cracks me up....I mean, just look at her!  She goes like this to the grocery, car line, soccer name it

 I am trying to get Marshall to take a little bit of quiet time each day....really this is the only time I can get a little quiet and actually get things done without 10 more things coming undone while I am doing that one thing.....well one day, even though HE WAS NOT TIRED... this happened....

 Over labor day, we decided to have a "camping" trip...we made hot dogs and smores and the boys slept out in the tent with daddy.  We facetimed for prayer and the kids LOVED it...such a special memory

 And then it was time to get the next one ready for to preschool little Marshall goes.  This year since I am home (and LOVING IT) we decided to send Marshall to our neighborhood preschool...Eagle Park.  He goes Tues and Thurs for 2 1/2 hours...he loves it!  He tells me everyday when we pick him up that he loves school and he cannot wait to dish on what the snack was and what they did

 I think she was feeling left she took over Marshall's photo shoot for back to school...I guess this is her "I am home with mommy all year" photo.....
 And here he is...our handsome, sweet, kind, smart, loving preschooler....he really is the most patient and forgiving kiddo (especially when it comes to Haddie---she gives him hell...she rips his hair out, pinches, hit, etc...and never (well...once he did, which that story will come later) but usually never does anything back.  He kisses Brayden every morning before he goes into school and makes sure to tell him to have a great day.  Before we leave him at preschool he gives Haddie and I big hugs and sweet

 Eagle Park
 Mom...I just want to go in already...

 While we are not at school and running around and LOVING THIS weather....Brayden is playing soccer and Marshall is doing martial arts tumbling (pics to come of that next time).  Here is Brayden playing soccer---he really has come SO far in both skill and the drive to play. Its fun to watch him....but he does get joy out of just kicking it out of we are working on that

 Like I mentioned, this weather has been after soccer we headed to the zoo....what a great day

The polar bear is sleeping on the rock....

 We always end the day here....all smiles right before we leave....