Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Family Visit and Brayden is 6!!!!

Over Columbus day weekend Natalie, Dave, Gracyn, Michael and Lucy came to visit.  It had been over a year since we had seen them...and it was SUCH a great visit!  We got to celebrate birthdays, see GG and Aunt Reena, share our church with them and have lots of special time hanging out and creating fun memories....the kids played SOOOO well...if only they lived closer!  We tried to get some family shots, but with 6 grandkids...someone is always sad, sticking out a tongue, or picking a nose (this was what each of mine were doing)...so this is the best we got...
Grandma and Grandpa

With Great Grandma!

The whole family

Aunt Reena
All the October Birthdays!!!!  So fun to celebrate Brayden, Natalie, Michael and Marshall!!!!

All the kiddos got some sort of gift....and well Haddie she wanted to wear all of hers a one time!

Pjs and treehouse...a fun way to play!

So Marshall really wanted to buy Brayden a minion fart gun for his birthday...I agreed and let me tell you I got SO many funny looks as we walked around Walmart and he and haddie were blasting farts....people seriously thought we were gassy!  But Marshall being the silly trickster he is...decided we should trick Brayden...so in the below pictures you can see the disappointment on Brayden's face and the giggles on Marshall's as Brayden opens a fake gift....UNDERWEAR!!!


Little sis was a little sad she could not open the gift---but here is the real gift!

Marshall and Haddie got him a fart gun!
and sillies
School Birthday Treat
Happy Birthday Brayden!!!!! On Wednesday my first little baby turned 6!!!!  How can this be!?!?!  We started the day with cinnamon rolls...then headed off to school and got to share some cookie cakes with his class and teacher assistant who has the same birthday as him. We ended the night with soccer practice and dinner with his good friend Lucas and his family.  It was such a fun day!!!!  And the celebrations continues through the week!

Martial Arts class is going great for Marshall...he really loves it...there are about 7 other kiddos in his class---all boys and one girl.  Luckily I ended up bringing the camera this week and I got pics of him in action and getting a stripe on his belt!!!

What Haddie does during class...some tumbles and snuggles

Way to go Marshall!!!
Six---2 hands!!!!!  This called for a great present...so he got a new bike and helmet...he was really in need of a bigger bike...and he loves it!!!!!!  

Lots of birthday mail!!!!  He loves it!
On Thursday night Marshall's preschool had family night.  We enjoyed making a family scarecrow, playing a game and some treats.  He loved showing off his school to us.

Friday night we headed out on a hayride with two of our closest family friends...we had such a great time.  Luckily the weather was pretty mild...and we bundled just in case.  They had some awesome story tellers while we were on the hayride and at the end we enjoyed some smores and hot chocolate...super yummy!

Sometimes I just cannot get enough of this pretty little lady

On Sunday, Brayden had his all BOYS party...it was a BULLS/Sports party.  We had about 14 boys ages 5-7....the kids had a blast...they ran and ran until they were all sweaty.  They played hockey, scooter races, regular races---some of them can run at super speed, basketball and more...they played for over an hour hardcore, breaked for lunch---hot dogs, cheesballs, veggies and gatorade and of course cake :) and then it was back to the courts.

These 2 little ladies snuck in...but they are so cute, they got away with it :)

Race time...Aaron lining them up

Time to Eat!

This boy felt a lot of birthday love...he was showered with lots and lots of legos, basketball gear, interactive dino, jammies, and more....he is one lucky little guy who has some very sweet friends

We LOVED the homemade cards...so awesome!

And without further ado....here is a little letter to my Brayden...
Dear Brayden,
How in the world are you six!?!  I feel like time has blown by!  You are growing like a weed...and when I say that...boy do I mean it!  I feel like you have grown a foot this last year...at 6 years old you are in size 7 or 8 pants---but this is because you are so tall :) At 6 years old you are over 4 feet---what will you be at age 10?!?!  Not only are you tall...but you have some big feet---size 2!  You say that you want to play basketball...and we just signed you up...so we will see how it goes...but for a boy of your height maybe it will be a good fit!  Recently you just finished up playing soccer....and wow have you grown in being a great teammate!  You really enjoyed all your friends and playing on the soccer team (which is quite a change from last year) although you still really like to just kick the ball out of bounds and sometimes run to the wrong goal :)  But you enjoyed the game and we love cheering you on and thats what it is about!
You LOVE school....you love going to school each day and are so independent about it all.  The second day of school you were ready to walk in on your own---you were ready, but not me---I walked you in for the first few days and a few after that---but now I let you go.  You gather your stuff but are sure to give me, Haddie and Marshall a kiss and hug before you are out the door.  Can you please always kiss me goodbye each morning...I know one day you might think you are too cool to do it....but please do, I love it.  While I am talking about how loving you are, you are really a "family guy".  You love to do things as a family.  You love to read books, snuggle up, play games---Old Maid, Uno and Go Fish, and do family adventures.  You love that Marshall, Hadley and I are able to pick you up from school each day and that we have extra time together as a family with me being home.
You are so sweet with Haddie...you will play babies with her---even if it is stealing her baby and hiding it and you and Marshall are best friends and worst enemies....right now I would say that you are better friends...you love letting him "help" with legos and you guys love making forts and haunted houses in your bedroom or really any room that you two can destroy in the blink of an eye together.  You love riding your bike---and you are becoming a daredevil on it....I am a little nervous with the new handbrakes....but you assure me you are fine.  You are becoming more and more independent and while I enjoy that in some regards----you can get a snack, water, wipe your bootie....I miss some parts of you needing me.
It is so fun watching you learn to read---I am loving that you are becoming more interested in doing school...just tonight you sat down and wanted to show me that you knew your sight words and you pretend to read to Marshall and Haddie from time to time.  I know that you are going to get the hang of the reading thing this year and I will be SO excited....but you still have to let me read to you too....always :)   You are a MASTER lego builder...you AMAZE me....you sit down with these crazy hard sets with hundreds of pieces and never ask for help...and build the whole thing!  You are a little engineer at work.  You also have started to draw your own creations and then make them...maybe you will be a future brickmaster!  You love PIZZA....and have NO desire ever to help me in the kitchen o r to eat any sort of vegetable.  You love Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Minions and when you can---you love to play the ipad. 
You are such a great friend....and you have great friends.  It cracks me up, that you and your friends call the table at lunch the BRO table and I love that you guys create your own games at recess.  For me, its hard to watch the numbers go up on that cake so quickly...I feel like time is going by at super speed....but I will say I am loving watching you grow and become YOU!  You are such a blessing and I am so glad that God let me be your mommy.  And while we are talking about God---your love for HIM radiates....I love that you pray for people (and sometimes cartoon people) but tonight when you busted out John 3:16, I could not have been more proud.  I am so glad that you love God and I pray that your faith will always be strong.  And if you ever waver....its that verse that should keep you strong...."For God so loved the world that He gave his one only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life".
Happy Birthday Brayden!!!  Love you to the moon and back! Mom