Thursday, November 5, 2015 out for those minions!

This year we headed to Goebbert's for pumpkin picking, a hayride and some fall fun!  Luckily the boys started feeling better on Marshall's birthday and we headed there in the afternoon.

My 3 little pumpkins

This is hard work mommy!

 He really wanted to go into this Haunted house...maybe next year though

Daddy and Haddie feeding the giraffe

We saw some cool other animals up close

Marshall's favorite...

 Hayride time!

Fun...climbing, sliding, and more...

Which one to choose?!?!

 Carving time!

We did a trial run at the library for Halloween story time...Minion Mania!!!

Get me to the books!

 Marshall got to dress up at school for a parade...and we all know the little sister cannot be left she dressed up too!

 Parade time

The weather was unbelievable here on Friday, the day before Halloween--sunny and 70...and we got word that on Halloween it would be a rainy we took advantage and went downtown Arlington Heights for some trick or treating...and we ran into friends which made it even better!

Let's get outta here and eat some candy!

 On Halloween it was rainy...but that did not stop us from having a great time.  We headed to our neighbors for a party---such a great time---and the kids made it to about 20 or so houses in the misty rain.  The bigger kids ran ahead but the little kids sure did not let their short legs slow them down.  Haddie LOVED trick or treating...she would RUN from house to house and get SO excited with each piece of candy

 Today was 50's Brayden dressed up has he been in school 50 days????  Crazy!  They celebrated with Zero the Hero...they had rootbeer floats and enjoyed the day!