Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turkey Time and now Tinsel Time!

Towards the beginning of November I took Marshall and Hadley and we went to southern Illinois to visit family and friends and attend my cousin's baby shower---which now by the time I am posting this little Harper has made her way into the world!!!!
We were able to stay with my friend Angie while we were there....and as you can see in the below pictures....Marshall was in heaven with all these diggers!!!
Yep---Marshall and Haddie are in there driving


Here we are at the shower

Little Miss Hadley had to get into the fun of opening gifts!

Play-dough with grandma...this kept her occupied for at least an hour...she loves this stuff and loves making jewelry with it

Back at home....and still needing to snuggle Marshall ALL THE TIME

Seriously....she just cracks me up!

Brayden had crazy hair day at school....he really has come out of his shell this year....last year he would have NEVER let me do his hair...and this year, he was so excited and has become quite the joker!

Hadley's poor little dolly always is going poop...not sure what this baby doll eats....but she is sure using up wipes like crazy!

Marshall got to bake a pie at school....he gobbled that whole thing up before I could even have a bite....he liked making pie so much we made another one for Thanksgiving!

Reading and snuggling

This little lady is all about we are making french toast :)

And while she is cooking...they are building!

Pumpkin Pie time!!!!  I have NEVER made a least that I can remember....and the pumpkin pie was pretty easy and really helpers were pretty awesome too!

We headed to Dixon for are my little turkeys

This is Hadley's "You wanted me to take a nap...but I figured out how to get of the pack and play" face....yep....she hates the pack and play now....and can get out...and she has officially climbed out of her crib too many times to count---so she now is the proud owner of a "tented" crib....we refer to it as the princess bed
Too much turkey for him....actually he was sick the night he was a tired little man

Her baby need ANOTHER change

We got to celebrate GG and my birthdays while we were there 

Aaron and I even got to sneak away for Friday day to Galena to celebrate early

Papa bought a new truck and the kids LOVE it....the boys got to take a ride in it....but they all loved playing in the back

And when we got home....Eddie had arrived!!!!

These 2 are trouble

Cooking some sweet potatoes

We put up our tree once we got home from Dixon too...and the kids got SO into it...well the boys got into the decorating, Hadley just GOT INTO IT...literally.  Here they are putting ornaments on

Stealing Kisses

They were So proud!

Cooking and rocking her first pigtails!!!!

Multi-talented this girl also uses a nerf gun!
The kids were SUPER excited for St Nick this year too...Brayden's friend, Drew, had told him all about St Nick so St Nick really had to step it up this year.  He left money in shoes
And goodies in stockings

Around 4pm every day, all of my children are in the buff....they strip down all their clothes---leaving only underwear or a diaper---so with that said most dinners look like this

I guess its good for laundry issues---less stain stick!
We decorated gingerbread houses and the boys were super into this too!!!  They did a great job!

These are all random phone pics....
Here are Brayden and his 2 great friends....Tyler and Will

We got these at a chili cook off...and had too much fun with them

Another pre-dinner pic.....see always without clothes

So proud of his pie
Buckle up its time to eat
We made fun!

My holiday grocery help!

The princess, super hero and Darth!