Thursday, December 29, 2016

November Turkeys

Look how sharp they look in their ties....a little risky business for Spirit Day
Pretty gal

Marshall had to do a sleep study....he was such a trooper for it....but we did learn that he has severe sleep apnea and needs his tonsils and adenoids out

Brayden's boy scouts had their rain gutter was so fun to watch the boys race and at the end they had a little badge ceremony

This year we decided to get some tickets to the Windy City is so fun to go watch basketball games together and cheer on the "next Bulls".  There are bounce houses and all sorts of fun activities during each game.  Aaron and Brayden got to go to a special meet and greet opening night activity...I thought Brayden was tall, but compared to this basketball player....he looks tiny!

For my birthday I wanted to bake cookies for families at the Ronald McDonald House.  So, we signed up and were able to bake turkey cookies for some families who could use some holiday cheer. While we were there the boys not only helped bake but also enjoyed playing with some kids in the toy room....I love that they made friends and helped in a way all of their own.  Hope we can continue this tradition.

Some of us ate a little too much flour....

Thumbs up approval

Brayden's class had a Thanksgiving Day Feast...they were the Indians and the 2nd graders were the was so cute.  They sang songs and got to eat all the delicious Thanksgiving food

We decided to take Marshall who is now old enough!!! to Feed My Starving Children....while we are getting ready for a big Thanksgiving feast it is important for the kids to realize that some children are not lucky enough to have food at their we packed up rice bags with our friends the Madoles

My little turkey!

Building while the turkey was smoking and baking....we made 2!

What a beautiful bird!

Shopkin organization with grandma

Grandma and I got to celebrate our November birthdays together with both carrot cake and pumpkin pie!  Yummy!!!

Stories and extra snuggles....

because while holidays are fun...they are exhausting!

Swim class....we have some fish!

And this fish out of water....she is a wild one!

Our first family Windy City Bulls game....a great time had by all!

3 Bulls players played this night that was fun to see some pros!

To get in the holiday spirit...and because I love every Christmas activity that we can possibly squeeze in...we went to see the Children's was fabulous!!!  Hadley danced most of the show and kept saying how much she loved the dancers.  The boys and even Aaron really enjoyed it too...and of course I did!!!  
Here they are dressed up and ready to go!

When we got home it was time to put on Christmas Pjs....and start to decorate!!!!  I love it!!!!

Sweet Marshall made me a crown for my birthday....what a guy!

Palatine Tree Lighting....getting in the spirit!

Aaron and I also snuck away to the city for the day to shop and we went to an amazing roof top deck for drinks before a yummy dinner!  Loved the view!!!!  Our kids had their first sleepover with our friends the Hinshaws!

Marshall also had a special visitor to take to the sleepover...Crush!!!  Here are some pics from the weekend...

And then when we went to pick them up Sunday...we got our first snow for the year!

We also went caroling at the Lutheran Home with Brayden's first grade class

Special Visitor Luncheon at School