Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Princess Hadley is 2!!!!

     Things have been crazy around here....3 sick kids, a broken computer--which resulted in losing all our contacts and then the icing on the cake---a bathroom leak that came through our ceiling and light fixtures in the kitchen....whoooo 2016 has been a doozie so far...this is in part why this blog is coming SO late...along with the fact that I just cannot believe that my baby is TWO!!!!
     Enough with excuses though...If I am being completely honest I think that this blog is truly coming later than it should...because I was in denial about the fact that my little girl is growing WAY TOO FAST....I just cannot believe that she is 2! So, without any further delay from this mama....here is a little letter to my little lady (who will always be my baby)
Dearest Hadley,
     Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!  I have had the joy of being home with you this year and am loving that I can focus on being a mom and taking a break from teaching.  I am so lucky that I get to have this year off work to soak in you and your brothers---and I am relishing in it. 
     When you turned one, you had started to get into babies and cooking----but that has now become your love!  You are always either in your kitchen cooking up a cake and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus or serving me up some coffee--you know me all too well.  And if you are not in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you are caring for your babies---pushing them in your strollers, feeding them bottles, changing their diapers or handing them off to me to babysit while you go shopping.  You love pretending....and I am loving it!!!!  I also love when you hand off your babies to pawpaw and great pawpaw to care for...they cannot resist your sweet smile and so they play along with you----you know they have a soft spot for you!!!  You also know that your brothers have that same soft spot too-they sometimes refer to you as the wrecking ball---boy you can destroy lego towers and buildings so quick....but they are always quick to forgive you and offer to cook and play princess with you---although I am sure they will never admit to it! 
     You have become obsessed with princesses!  When we first talked to you about a party---all you said was princess.  Princess party, princess cake....and so that is how we celebrated!  You also must read and sleep with a princess Halloween book every night....I can recite that book in my sleep....but it really doesn't bother me to read it to you each night---as I know how much you love it....and I have caught you reading it to your babies.  While we are talking about bedtime--you require quite a few things to go to bed--- you need to take about 5-10 books to bed each night, a baby doll (or 4), your mimis (tiny blankets) and we must sing twinkle and sunshine each night.  The biggest change at bedtime came on my birthday this year Hadley....my heart was sad as you were ready to be done with the crib.  You climbed out---we watched you on the video monitor do it a handful of times, before I cried and said to your daddy that my baby cannot be done with her crib yet---I am keeping her in it until she is 5----well Hadley, although I want to keep you little as long as I can--you my little lady have big plans, big ambitions and do not want to be slowed down.  So, we put a tent on your crib to keep you in....yep we zipped you in every night....and we called it a princess bed and you loved it...until you broke out through the zipper and have now graduated to a toddler bed (which is still the crib minus a side---so we are both currently winning the battle).
     While you love sparkles and tutus and have truly embraced princesses---which I love---it's amazing you know all their names by heart at age 2---you can also hold your own with your brothers.  You are not scared to run, tumble and rough house with them....actually you get upset when you are not included in the rough housing.  Just the other night you were dressed in a sweet sparkly princess dress with a light saber in one hand and your mouth making the light saber noise---you are just too much!!!  You love to run and play with your brothers...I can tell that you are going to be a girl who loves to shine with girly things but will not be pushed around...and I know that you brothers will always be close by keeping an eye on their sister who they love so much.
     You are a pretty good little eater---more of a grazer--but a healthy eater---your favorite foods are hard boiled eggs, berries, cheerios, hummus...and then of course some not healthy things like dum-dums and fruit snacks....you are an addict of these!  You refuse to sit in a highchair....and refuse to sit on your bottom, which results in many falls onto the ground during meals....but even if a tear is shed, you are a trooper and can take a hard hit and get back up and continue the meal----I hope that in life this will be the way that you approach and deal with hard situations---never giving up and when you are knocked down---you get right back up.  You are such a sweet girl....your smile is contagious and your laugh is infectious....if I could bottle it up it up and save it.....I so would.  The truth is Hadley, I am sad that you are growing too fast....but I love watching you grow, learn and change each day.......it's just going way too fast.  I pray that you will continue to grow and stay healthy and strong....and I thank God for giving you to us...we are so blessed to have a little rose---so beautiful and full of life to watch blossom.....Happy Birthday Hadley Rose....I love you more than you will ever know.....Love, Mom

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015!

Happy New Year!!!!  Our computer is on the brink of being a goner...which is why it has been SO LONG since I have blogged....so this is a long one...mostly pictures....but a quick catch up on our MERRY CHRISTMAS season!!  We had a great Christmas holiday this year...so here we go
Brayden's class did a wonderful performance....pictures, singing and kazoos....we made it to both the daytime performance with Grandma and Grandpa and night time performance with daddy....

We had a cookie party with our neighbors....the kids had a blast and we decorated (and ate) way too many....but I will say it was pretty fun!

 One of our favorite traditions is breakfast with Santa...and this year was such a treat.  The kids were great---we had breakfast, chatted with Santa, made a craft, and saw a magician 

Marshall was chatting Santa's ear off....so funny...he must have been telling him just how GOOD he has been this year

 While the boys were all about it....the little lady was not

 Still talking to him

Craft time

 Hadley wore a old Christmas dress which was mine....love these "vintage" dresses

 Magic Time....and of course little social, Marshall, was part of the show not once but twice

Watching their brother

Everyone likes a bath on a cold day---Brayden was off school for 2 weeks...we loved having him home but sometimes needed something to do....so.....

Marshall also had a winter sing along...Hadley and I got to watch

We headed to Belleville the weekend before Christmas.  We had such a great family celebration...it was wonderful to see everyone and celebrate Christmas together-even though we had to celebrate early.  Eddie the Elf brought a note....and what a surprise....we got a trip to the Polar Express on Monday (before we headed home)

Merry Christmas...a little early :)
 The girl loves hummus
Lego building

 Our newest addition....cousin Harper

Is it time to open yet........oh how I remember feeling the same way!

 Hadley enlisted a lot of help from Lou for opening her gifts

Grandma and Haddie

Helping Great Grandpa with his gift

The Lengerman Family

Mom, Gramps and Uncle John

An attempt at a family shot....without Haddie she went to bed

Mom, sister and me

Time to play!

The cousins

POLAR EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot even describe in words what a MAGICAL time we had on the Polar Express.....this is near the top (if not at the top) of magical events to get into Christmas spirit....the light and sparkle that were in the kids' eyes when we were there was amazing....what a truly magical experience

Ticket time

Writing our wishes

 Time to board

Hot chocolate and cookies, delivered by the waiters singing, dancing and tumbling through the aisles....and then the conductor who punched our ticket for wishes

 And Marshall (with Hadley not far behind) joined the singing and dancing and congo line on the train

We arrived at the North Pole....and we picked up Santa

Santa made it to us, got our Christmas wish lists and gave us our special bell....it rings for all who believe

 More dancing

We decided on Christmas eve to take another train ride....and while it was no Polar Express we rounded up good friends and had coffee and donuts on the train while we traveled to the city.  We saw the windows and the tree in the Walnut room....the kids were great and loved the city trip!

 The windows were a hit...they were a story of Santa and a little boy (who in his dreams) travels planet to planet

All  of the kiddos lined up

Christmas Eve!!!  We got all cleaned up after our city trip, let the kids exchange a little gift and then headed to church.  We ended the night back with our friends for Christmas eve dinner

After dinner we headed home put on our jammies and left cookies and milk for Santa

And reindeer food outside

And in the morning....Santa had made it!!!!!

We moved the star to the manger

And had cinnamon rolls to celebrate Jesus' birthday

Later in the morning Grandma and Grandpa Jefford came and we continued the celebration.  They stayed the night and watched Haddie so we could take the boys to see the new Star Wars movie....we had fun...and so did grandma and grandpa playing babies with Hadley

 We made it to Zoo lights with our neighbors...luckily we had a relatively warm night and the lights were great

My good friend Lisa, her husband Andrew and Sadie visited....although you cannot tell from these pictures we had a great visit....

For New Years eve we headed to our friends home...they had a Star Wars themed party.....so of course the kids were loving that!  Sadly on new years day, Haddie came down with a virus which ended in no sleep, lots of crying and a double ear infection.  Now little Marshall is fighting off the same virus...and as mentioned earlier our computer is at the end of its life....but with all that we are looking forward to a great 2016!